In February I listened to 570 tracks by 346 artists 827 times (less than January but that’s not a surprise since I now have a job that takes me away from my music during the day). My top 3 artists were: Usher Vance Joy Charli XCX Here’s February’s offering, presented in order of most listens:   Charli XCX – 3AM (Pull UP) (feat. MØ) Sampha – No One Knows Me (Like the Piano) Sampha – Blood On Me Stefflon Don – Hurtin’ Me Eryn Allen Kane – Have…Continue Reading “A Year of Music: February 2018”

Well hi there! Hasn’t a lot changed since I last posted here, my gosh. In a nutshell: I got divorced, moved back to Cornwall, gave up my cat, and now I’ve got a new job back in Cardiff and am relocating again in two weeks. Phew. In reality it was of course, much more nuanced than that but what isn’t, right? 💛 — Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk music! 🎶 I’ve always been a bit of a nerd for data and stats, so naturally I…Continue Reading “A Year of Music: January 2018”

Sometimes life is hard. Bad things happen that are out of your control and you have to deal with the fallout and consequences arising from it, whether it was your bad decision making that got you to that point or not. I’m in a particularly difficult stage of my life right now, and while I’m dealing with that I’ve found that most social media is just *~too damn much~*. Especially with the panic of Trump, a snap election, terror attacks – my brain can’t deal with…Continue Reading “An Admission”

Let’s try something new for 2016, hrm? I’ve been writing my Friday Thanks posts for quite a few years now. They’re fun and a helpful reminder (as with my Grace in Small Things) list to prioritise gratitude, but I suspect they are probably more useful for me than anyone else who might be reading my blog. So, for the foreseeable future I’m going to write a weekly round-up post of things I’ve been reading / watching / doing / thinking instead. (Another list style post…Continue Reading “Friday Reflections: Week 1”

(This is a polite, no shaming note.  Absolutely no shade to anyone who has done this to me. I’ve certainly done it in the past! You live and you learn, right?) Please, please let’s make 2016 the year we stop asking people (women and men!) “When are you going to have kids?”  Or telling them “Oh, when you have kids you’ll get it.”  (often accompanied with one of those smug head nods, just for extra funsies). I’m a 32 year old married woman so I hear…Continue Reading “Why We Should Stop Asking “When Are You Going to Have Kids?””

Guys, guys! Guess what! The library is finally finished! Hurrah! Rejoice, etc. We started working on it when we first moved in two and a half years ago (whoa) and it’s finally, finally finished. It’s been on my Life List for as long as I remember, and I can’t express enough how much joy it brings me to spend time in this little room. Before Oh, before. When we moved in the walls were pale blue paint over stripy blue wallpaper. The skirting boards were SILVER…Continue Reading “Life List: Have a Library”

Would you look at that. Only, oh, probably at least three years after downloading the pattern I finally managed to complete Kate Davies’ Owl Sweater. Go team Sarah! As you might be able to tell from the photos, this happened about six months ago, but I’m only just getting around to blogging about it. Oops? Some of the instructions made me want to weep, and there are definitely a few mistakes in there where I dropped stitches or from where my stitch markers popped out…Continue Reading “31 for 31/Life List: Knit Something Worth Wearing”