Link Love

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First up in the brand spanking new (to this blog anyways) Link Love category, the blogs! I’ve been on a bit of a hunt the last month or so, for more blogs to devour because a lot of the people I used to know I er, can’t remember the addresses for. (That’s bad, right?)

So, here are some of the newbies I’ve found that I’m really enjoying:

Nikki – – Nikki is cool. Seriously.
Amy – (okay, not a newbie, we are friends, but I like, love her)
Lacey – – Lacey is so sweet, I wish she blogged more tho 😉 – a fantastic food blog, by a couple who’ve just opened a pizza restaurant. Lovely!
Jules – – one of my favourite ladies, ever.

I have a big list in my feed reader that I wanted to write about, but honestly I’m pretty tired and I want to go to bed, but I feel like I should say hi to the two of you who are reading this on a semi regular basis. (if you are, please say hi back! :) )