Completed Goals: 27. Donate clothes I know I will never wear – finally clearing out all the old stuff I know I’ll never fit into again, or just plain don’t like anymore. No more baggage! 70. Keep on top of the washing – We have a new system, and it’s working well, so I’m going to consider this one done. 61. Do something memorable for my birthday – I did this actually, the trip to London is burnt into  my brain, hehe. Next year I might…Continue Reading “101 in 1001 – October Update”

Hey kids! I’m sorry I’ve not been around, I’m sure the three of you who have this on google reader have really missed me 😉 I don’t have a good excuse really, just a myriad of bad ones. The laptop I’m using is incredibly slow, I work two jobs, I’ve been knitting lately and I’m just kinda tired. But, I promise I’ll be better. Not starting right now, because I’m about to watch a film, but soon 😉 In other news, I had all my…Continue Reading “Sorry Kidlets”

WEEK TWO 1. Popping edamame from their shells 2. Making pom poms to recreate a pom pom scarf I’ve seen 3. Buying presents for mum&dad’s secret christmas gifts 4. The way Dillon rolls over for a tummy stroke in the mornings 5.  Having a chance to use my new seethrough umbrella in the rain 🙂

Round two of the bloggers! (since I didn’t finish it last time, lol) What Katie Does – Katie takes beautiful photos, has a gorgeous kitty and is ridiculously talented. A pleasure to read. The Small Object – I’ve been reading Sarah’s blog for years now – she makes the sweetest things and has a really beautiful outlook on life 🙂 Not Martha – Not Martha is another blog I’ve been reading for what feels like forever. Megan (I think that’s her name!) is so crafty…Continue Reading “Link Love, Round Two”

On the 1st of January this year, I commited myself to another 101 in 1001. The premise is simple, 101 items, to do in 1001 days. I decided to move it over here as I originally had it on my livejournal which I really barely use anymore. Here’s what I’ve completed since I last updated it: 14. Attach flower holders to the wall – Completed June 2009 19. Clean the inside of my car – Completed September 2009 48. Get a cat – Completed August…Continue Reading “101 in 1001”

So, inspired by Jackie, someone I have known online for many years through many incarnations, I have decided to start my own Grace In Small Things Project. Every Saturday I will write a list of five small things that make me smile 🙂 I’ll try and include a photo every week too, if I can. WEEK ONE 1. Making lists (how appropriate!) 2. Meeting old friends 3. Free muffins 4. Making friends in my new job 5. Piles of crisp, fallen leaves. I know Jackie…Continue Reading “Introducing: Grace In Small Things”