Falling Forward

101 in 1001 – October Update

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Completed Goals:

27. Donate clothes I know I will never wear – finally clearing out all the old stuff I know I’ll never fit into again, or just plain don’t like anymore. No more baggage!

70. Keep on top of the washing – We have a new system, and it’s working well, so I’m going to consider this one done.

61. Do something memorable for my birthday – I did this actually, the trip to London is burnt into  my brain, hehe. Next year I might try something a little different tho :)

38. Buy new perfume - Paul Smith  Women. Mm.

42. No fizzy drinks for a month - I’m pretty sure I lasted longer than a month, and I actually don’t enjoy fizzy drinks that much anymore. Result.

68. Get 50+ views on at least 200 of my 365 portraits on flickr – this is completed and I am so glad!

86. Clear up my acne – you know what, I think I’m going to mark this done, because altho my skin isn’t clear, I definitely no longer have acne. Result!

That’s it for October, but there will be more coming soon :)


Sorry Kidlets

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Hey kids! I’m sorry I’ve not been around, I’m sure the three of you who have this on google reader have really missed me ;)

I don’t have a good excuse really, just a myriad of bad ones. The laptop I’m using is incredibly slow, I work two jobs, I’ve been knitting lately and I’m just kinda tired.

But, I promise I’ll be better. Not starting right now, because I’m about to watch a film, but soon ;)

In other news, I had all my hair cut off, and I LOVE IT.


Grace In Small Things

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1. Popping edamame from their shells

2. Making pom poms to recreate a pom pom scarf I’ve seen

3. Buying presents for mum&dad’s secret christmas gifts

4. The way Dillon rolls over for a tummy stroke in the mornings

5.  Having a chance to use my new seethrough umbrella in the rain



Link Love, Round Two

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Round two of the bloggers! (since I didn’t finish it last time, lol)

What Katie Does – Katie takes beautiful photos, has a gorgeous kitty and is ridiculously talented. A pleasure to read.

The Small Object – I’ve been reading Sarah’s blog for years now – she makes the sweetest things and has a really beautiful outlook on life :)

Not Martha – Not Martha is another blog I’ve been reading for what feels like forever. Megan (I think that’s her name!) is so crafty and ingenious, definitely a daily inspiration.

Everything Was Beautiful - The beautiful Sarah, who takes the most wonderful photos.

Degrees Latitude – Hi Jackie! The original blogger, Jackie has a fantastic illustrating talent, and a really sweet writing style.

Alright Tit – The delectable Lisa. The webs top Cancer Bitch according to Stephen Fry ;)


Drooling Over Bargains

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ASOS are having another blooming sale, and all I can think about are accessories, accessories, accessories. Here are a few of my favourites:

Floral Stretch Bracelet – £6 // Silver Bangles – £5.50 // Chapeau Claudette Oriental Floral Jamie Bow – £8

Oasis Multi Seed Bead Necklace – £9 // Cute Satin Bow Hairband – £2.50 // Oasis Knot Twist Chain Necklace – £7

Catarzi Bright Trim Trilby – £6 // Long Mixed Bead And Pearl Necklace – £7 // Pack of Three Folded Satin Corsages – £5

and not in the sale but I love them:

Oversized Poppy Ring – £6 // Statement Feather & Bead Headband – £12

Roll on payday I say!

(you can click on any picture to take you to the item link)