On the 101 in 1001 side of things, I have crossed two more off my list. 28. Find and shoot film for both my old cameras Completed 2010 Actually, I only managed to find film for the Fuji Instax 200, but I sold my Becini Comet and threw away the Kodak Instamatic that I bought for £3 in the charity shop because really, I was never going to use it. 33. Buy at least one new lens for the DSLR Completed January 2010 Okay, technically…Continue Reading “Projects Update”

The delectable Miss Marks monitored how many books she’s read last year and racked up a whopping 140. I’m a bit of a vorocious reader, and she’s inspired me to do the same this year. I am always thankful to have a local library – without which I’d probably have to choose between books and buying food, in which case I would always be starving. I’ve added my list to the top tab bar, above, and plan to do a monthly round up for any…Continue Reading “Books, Books & More Books”

Plus a general life update, I guess. But first, the list. Completed since I last updated in October 2009: 49. Finish my 365 project There were several times when I didn’t make it to the end of this project. So glad I did. Failed Goals: 41. Make packed lunches for Chris and I every day for a month 45. Post at least once a week to www.exquisitefunction.com for a year Life has changed quite a bit since we last conversed. Chris and I split up…Continue Reading “101 in 1001 Update”