Falling Forward: A Girl & Her Lists


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So. It’s that time of year again, when I start to look around me and wonder why I’m surrounded by so much crap. My bank account is making me wince and all I can think is ‘if only I could get rid of all this still and make some cash…”

I know it’s easy to do, but do you want to know a secret? I kinda hate selling stuff on ebay. I hate the fees, I hate the hassle of listing things and I also hate knowing that I have to pay fees for things that potentially might not sell. I might have a go at selling some bits and pieces through thriftstoreuk on livejournal again – but really I think I just need to go to an old-fashioned car boot sale and try to force people to take my wares, heh.

In the meantime if any of you are looking for any wool or giraffe toys, then I’m just the girl for you…

Introducing: Télégramme

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So, kidlets. I’ve been meaning to come here for weeks and blog about this (in fact, it’s been on my paper to-do list* so long it’s now written in red and highlighted, eek) but time slips by and things get in the way and before you know it the January launch date has been pushed back to March.

However, I wanted to let you know, dear reader (yes, that’s right, singular) that a few friends and I have created a beautiful magazine, and that we want you to see it soon because we’re damn proud of it and it’s taken ages.

Billed a photography showcase magazine, Télégramme is for people who like to experience photography, more than people who like talking about how they took their pictures (even tho we like that too, it’s not for these pages.). We have featured artists, some beautiful pieces and sets and a team of people behind the scenes that frankly, deserve a medal for their efforts.

If it sounds like something you might be interested in, then watch this space – we’ll be launching (fingers crossed) in early March.

*a post for another time, but a paper to-do list is working wonders on my life.

Where I Try To Explain

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I wanted to write a post about the magazine that I am creating. I wanted to write about how it is almost finished, and how it’s been so exciting and unexpectedly soul soothing to create. I wanted to write a post about the portfolio website I am thinking of putting together, and about how I am getting into film photography in a big way, and really, really enjoying it.

I wanted to write about all these things, but I didn’t.

I spent Friday afternoon and evening in a dark fog of sorrow and hopelessness. I lost my temper on Friday afternoon at work with a colleague who proclaimed that he had “no times for the blacks or the gays.” I know I should learn to keep my mouth shut about these things (I managed it, barely in my last place, but it felt like I was swallowing something black and poisonous, something that was killing my insides), to keep my job and my precarious position as a temp, but I couldn’t. Before I knew what was happening there were hot tears pricking my eyes as I furiously ordered him not to express those opinions in front of me again.

I couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the afternoon, staring listlessly at the photos of my friends on my cubicle wall, of the beautiful people I know and very much love, that this awful man dismissed out of hand for nothing more significant than the colour of their skin.

If  I hear one more person tell me that I should just “let it go”, I think I shall scream and I don’t know if  I will be able to stop. I do not want to ignore him, to let him think that the things he is saying are okay in any way, shape or form. I do not want to give him the satisfaction of riling me up, but rather that than my silence, god forbid he take it for approval.

I fear that I am too sensitive to these things. I thought I would feel better once I got home, but it wasn’t until Saturday afternoon that I managed to push it out of my mind, and many a tear were shed between Friday and then. I don’t read newspapers, I don’t watch the news, and I try to avoid the online newsmongerers at all costs. Not because I don’t believe what they say (altho let this be clear, I do no believe what they say) but because I cannot take on the sadness of the whole world. It is too much.

I find it too hard to distinguish, to separate myself from the horrible things that happen every hour of every day. I think I need to work out a better way of coping, because at the very least it will continue to get me into trouble and it might well end up breaking my heart.

Grace In Small Things

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  • Voucher codes
  • making new girl friends at work (& liking them!)
  • unbruised bananas
  • seeing your favourite blogs are updating again (hi Amy!)
  • Finding a giraffe buddy (Hi Alan!)

Grace In Small Things

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  • Afternoons off
  • Hats with ear flaps
  • Chilli lemon flavoured crisps
  • Getting your teeth into a project
  • Paper to do lists (& crossing things off!)