Falling Forward

Moving House*

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*Figuratively speaking.

I finally got off my bum and bought a domain and hosting last night, so over the next few weeks I’ll be slowly migrating Falling Foward to it’s new home at www.sarahmia.co.uk. I needed somewhere that could be a fall out room for all the junk in my head, so don’t worry too much that you’re missing out, it’ll probably mostly be crap ;)


Summer Holiday, Anyone?

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The last two holidays I’ve taken have been in the February – March time. I went to America in February 2007, and it was bloody freezing. I went to Canada in March last year and yep, you guessed it – it was bloody freezing.

I had to get a brand spanking new passport for Canada since mine was due to run out in July, and now I have one stamp in it and I’m itching for more. I can’t help it kids, I’m day dreaming of a summer holiday again.

I think it’s something to do with taking a holiday so early in the year that by the time summer comes around it’s nothing but a distant memories and all your friends are jetting off for two weeks in the sun.

With that in mind I present to you my dream list of holidays. Maybe one day I’ll get to tick them all off the list, heh.

Short Trips In Europe

Long Haul Flights With Films To Watch & Free Food (Yay)
New York (what girl doesn’t want to go to New York, really?)
The Maldives
New Zealand
Australia (I’ve been before but it’s so vast, definitely worth another trip at some point)
South Africa

I don’t think missing anything right now, but I’m sure I’ll think of more and I continue to browse lastminute.com and find all the cheap deals I could take up. For now I’ll have to content myself with looking tho so if you think there’s anywhere I really much see feel free to comment below :) and if you want to take me when you go, all the better ;)


Pass On At Least 5 Recipes

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Remember last year when Jamie Oliver was banging on about passing on recipes to your neighbours and colleagues etc, in an attempt to  ‘get the country cooking’ ? I don’t think it really worked, but I did adopt the idea for one of my 101 in 1001′s.

I naïvely thought it would be easy, giving recipes to other people, but it’s been harder than I thought. Most of the people I know can already cook, they have no need for me and my preachy skills barging into their life.

I have, however, been trying. I think. The first recipe I passed on was my Smoked Salmon Paté recipe, to my (now ex) boss. It went down a storm and I came away feeling pretty happy because it wasn’t a recipe from a book, it was one of my mothers that I’d adapted to suit. (if you want it, let me know. It’s blindingly simple).

The second came a long time after that. My mum and I are undertaking the ” Try a new dish once a week for three months” of my 101, and one of those recipes was Tuna Burgers. I’ve passed that recipe on to at least three people, but I’m not sure if they’ve actually been made yet.

The trouble now, is that a) I don’t know who else to pass recipes on to and b) what recipes to use. Should I try to find people who can’t cook, and teach them? My gift to my friend Owen this year (hi, Owen!) was to teach him how to cook, since he’s moved out of home and can just about manage beans on toast. But I haven’t been able to do any of that yet, since I’ve had to move back home. & does it count if you teach one person three new recipes?

I guess since I made the list I can decide my own rules. I’d like to pass on five recipes to five different people, but I’ll settle for three people if I really can’t find anyone else willing to put up with my nagging. With that in mind, er, anyone wanna learn how to cook anything? ;)

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

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Anna recently reminded of the existence of chocolate covered pretzels, and how much I really, really liked them when I was in the states.

However, I’ve realised as I went to buy some from Cyber Candy that a) they weren’t in stock and b) they were made my Nestlé. Sigh.

I don’t eat Nestlé, for reasons I won’t go into here, so with a bit of googling* I’ve found a recipe for making them. Sure, it’s simple. Dip pretzels in chocolate. Put them in the fridge until the chocolate sets. But, well. It never hurts to be sure, does it?

I’ll let you know how they turn out, as soon as I can be bothered to get off my bum and make them. Also, what’s a chocolate wafer? Anyone?

*ie I typed “chocolate covered pretzels” into google. I know, I know. Life is hard.

Entering The World Of Bento*

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*or how I came to impulse buy a lunchbox shaped like a burger.

I’ve been looking for a good bento box for a while – I’m tired of taking sandwiches because I’m not supposed to eat wheat, and if you take anything non sandwich in a lunchbox (like pasta (wheat free, obviously) or noodles) then you can’t put anything else in the box.

So when I saw this burger shaped bento on Ebay for a fiver with free shipping, I snapped it up. So far I’ve done two days and it’s been really fun!

Day 2 looked like this:

From top left: cut up hotdogs, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and st agur cheese, left over sweet and sour turkey noodles, banana and greek yoghurt and clementines and grapes. Nom!

If you’re looking for a good bento blog to get you started, I would recommend this one (and not just because they have the same bento box as I do :D)

Now, if only I could bring myself to spend £25 on a burger phone I don’t need and won’t use, my life will be complete.