The trouble with having a good weekend away is that it makes the following week a little more lacklustre than the one preceeding it. I know that’s how it goes, but I never did figure out how to fight that properly, so now I’m all mopey sad pony because boohoo my life is boring. Oops. Still, the next couple of weekends are looking fun and there are plans in place for May and June that should see me out of the house for at least…Continue Reading “A Little Word In Your Ear”

This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind one, but fun all the same. Barely any pictures taken, mostly because I was too drunk to hold the camera, but it was aces, I promise. You should have been there. A friend and I headed up to Cardiff on Saturday to meet some other friends. The highlights included a horses mask, dancing!, a stop wanking sign, kinder eggs, dancing!, bad mojitos (actually, make that really terrible mojitos), catch ups with long lost pals, DANCING! and did…Continue Reading “Catch Up”

(see previous lists here) empty streets, in the early morning sun new crisp flavours hot chocolate with marshmallows & cream thinking it’s Sunday, when it’s Saturday creating something beautiful I know I said I was going to try to do a grace in small things once a week, and it hasn’t really worked out like that. But I do find it’s nice to come back and jot one down, it makes me more appreciative. So I guess the list is doing it’s job, whether I’d adhere…Continue Reading “Grace In Small Things”

It’s that time of month again, where I get to sit back and look at what I’ve acheived. Not a bad month this month, hopefully next month I can clear up some of the ‘in progress’ ones too. Completed: 6 3. Hem all my broken trousers – I asked my mum how to do this and I can’t believe how simple this is. Also, I do believe knowing how to hem ups my wife points by 2 😉 13. Hang some pictures in the bedroom…Continue Reading “101 in 1001 – March Update”