Falling Forward

Spin Class*

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*or the day I thought I’d broken my legs.

So! Spin class! I must admit, I didn’t have massively high hopes about attending a spin class at the local gym and coming out the other side – so much so that I promised a friend he could have my books and cameras if I met an untimely demise. (he seemed unnervingly excited by that prospect actually, better keep an eye on that one in case he tries to bump me off to claim his loot ;) )

For the uninitiated, spin class is basically 60 minutes on a stationary bike, with a much fitter person than you telling you how fast to go, and when to stand up and pedal until you think you might be seeing black spots from oxygen deprivation. Oh, and at my local it’s £5 a pop. You can see why I was enthusiastic to go, right?

But I’ve been feeling fairly melancholy today (as referenced earlier) and I figured the endorphins from exercising (and more importantly, the endorphins from being able to stop exercising, heh) might help to kick me out of it, so I booked myself in and promptly came home from work and fell asleep. Yup, that’s right, I fell asleep. Idiot, right?

I woke up with about 12 minutes to go before the start of the class and hightailed it to the gym, completely forgetting my bottle of water in the process. CLEVER GIRL, SARAH. Kill some more of those braincells why don’t you.

I wasn’t massively sure what to expect to be honest – but the biggest shock wasn’t the class itself (altho it was brutal, anyone who tells you otherwise is some kind of human-robot hybrid that doesn’t sweat or feel emotion) but more the people in it. As an eight stone, size eight girl, I wouldn’t expect to be anything other than average in a class containing seven women the sameish age as me, but damn. These girls were so skinny, it made my stomach hurt to look at them for too long. They all seemed to have that universal haunted look of people who spend too much time worrying about how they look and not enough about who they are.* It made me kinda sad.

Being my first class I wasn’t massively sure what I was doing, and these girls didn’t exactly make it look easy. They all pushed themselves far further than I’d ever have the guts to and I couldn’t help thinking that maybe it just wasn’t worth it?

I’m not sure if I’ll be going back, I got the endorphin release I needed, singing along to Miike Snow on the ride home with the windows open, and honestly? I don’t know I can face those women again without wanting to bring them a cheeseburger and some cake :D

*I realise this is a massive generalisation and that I don’t know these girls, I’m just saying how they looked.


A Little Word In Your Ear

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The trouble with having a good weekend away is that it makes the following week a little more lacklustre than the one preceeding it. I know that’s how it goes, but I never did figure out how to fight that properly, so now I’m all mopey sad pony because boohoo my life is boring. Oops.

Still, the next couple of weekends are looking fun and there are plans in place for May and June that should see me out of the house for at least a few days. I do despise this feeling of ‘wishing my life’ away tho, so hopefully between now and then I’ll work out how to enjoy the life inbetween.


It’s Only Two Months Till My Birthday You Know

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I would like party bags at my birthday this year. And giraffes. No, I’m not going to be 12 I’m going to be 27 (on the 27th! Which excites me no end) but let’s face it, party bags are just cool – right?

We are also releasing the second edition of  Télégramme on my birthday, which was a coincidence but a nice one that we’re going to run with.

Traditionally, planning my birthday has been a bit of a tricky affair. If it’s on a weekend then most of my friends are inevitably away at Glastonbury (damn festival, spoiling my birthday) and since I don’t like mud, tents, portaloos or idiots* I don’t join them.

This year I wanted to go away, but it didn’t work out quite like that so instead I’ve asked a friend to plan it. All well and good, except for the small fact that he won’t tell me what he’s planning. Not a bean. I don’t traditionally like surprises, so hopefully he hasn’t taken it upon himself to take us all whitewater rafting or something, otherwise er, I might be down a few friends next year. Heh.

So long as I get my party bags, I guess I can get on board, but I really hope it doesn’t involve anything with the world ‘action’ in the title…

*No offence if you happen to like Glastonbury, but there are an awful lot of utter tools walking around, non?


Catch Up

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This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind one, but fun all the same. Barely any pictures taken, mostly because I was too drunk to hold the camera, but it was aces, I promise. You should have been there.

A friend and I headed up to Cardiff on Saturday to meet some other friends. The highlights included a horses mask, dancing!, a stop wanking sign, kinder eggs, dancing!, bad mojitos (actually, make that really terrible mojitos), catch ups with long lost pals, DANCING! and did I mention there was some dancing?

Lowlights: chips with cheese and gravy. Wtf?

edit: I forgot to mention the epic Usher marathon, and a certain stubborn welshman who wouldn’t stop singing along. Funny as hell.


Grace In Small Things

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(see previous lists here)

  • learning and remembering how to spell fluorescent
  • remembering why you started a project in the first place
  • the onset of spring
  • being able to wear skirts
  • the colour of egg yolks, when you break into a soft fried egg