So, I recently acquired a new friend (who I have duly nicknamed Chip) who I think will understand more than most what I mean when I talk about Living The Dream. Bedrooms full of ball pit balls. Admit it, you want to do it too, right? Days with nothing to do except watch films and take photos Holidays with a high ratio of adventure vs relaxation Adopting a fucking hammerhead shark Sneaking baby pandas out of the zoo If only.

After being on target last month, I kind of lost my way this month and managed to get myself stuck on a book I wasn’t really enjoying and couldn’t seem to get through, not once but twice. I still managed to read another 4 books tho, which brings my total to date up to 21. Read This Month: (see the full list here) 18. All Tomorrows Parties – William Gibson 19. The C Word – Lisa Lynch 20. How The Dead Live – Derek Raymond…Continue Reading “Books! April Update”

I did this a couple of years ago and remember really enjoying it. I’ve had conversations recently with friends about accepting and giving compliments – people struggle with both, and I get that. I can’t always make people take them, but at least I can give them, right? See more progress on: compliment somebody different every day for a month (this is one of my 43things goals)

This month was a pretty slow one in the 101/1001 stakes. I guess with a big project, you can’t work on everything all the time. I am going to count 21. Send birthday cards to my closest friends as done, because altho their birthdays haven’t all come up yet, I haven’t gotten into this habit well enough to make it stick. 47. Take better care of my teeth is in progress. Floss! Who knew it was so important. 85. Go running – I’ve picked this up…Continue Reading “101 in 1001 – April Update”