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Télégramme Magazine – Issue Two

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Remember that time when I decided it would be good to make a magazine, and then it took me 7 months to put together? But then when we launched it 8000 people read it and we all lost our minds through happiness?

Yeah, we decided to do it again. I’ve been in Cardiff this weekend for my birthday (which was yesterday and was fantastic, thank you). If you feel like giving me a belated birthday gift then please read this, and visit the people in it. We think they’re all amazing.

27th Birthday, Come In. Your Time Is Up.

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It’s Wednesday now. Not a traditional time to start celebrating the weekend but since I am up off the M5 again tomorrow after work (and since I am leaving at 3pm tomorrow it hardly even counts as a full day) I am going to put my party hat* on right about now. My birthday plans have changed so many times this year I’ve almost lost count but I’m so excited about this weekend that I don’t really mind now.

I wanted to go on holiday, but people had plans or exams and it wasn’t feasible. I asked Andrew to plan it, but it turns out I actually have zero money, so that awesome idea was out. (which is a real shame.) Then I was going to ask people down here, but after the stress of planning it last year I decided to gate crash a friends birthday party instead, which is on Saturday.

With a bit of neat planning on our part Issue two of Télégramme launches on Sunday, i.e. my birthday (have I mentioned this enough yet?) and I’m really hoping I’m not too hungover to tell you all about it, ha. But if I am then just assume that “fnarghhh…” all over my twitter means that it’s ready, okay? I’ll do my best to be coherent, but given the inevitable amount of rum I will consume on Saturday I can’t make any promises.

As it is I’ll be wearing this:

plus these:

and seeing him, all of which makes me happier than I should possibly admit. So come the fuck on, Thursday. I can’t wait to get there.

*I do not actually have a party hat. I do have a pretty nice trilby tho, so I might wear that.

I *like* you like you

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Mia Nolting has beautiful chalk form. Originally uploaded by many small guesses



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I’ve fallen a bit in love with yellow this year. it started with the hoodie of dreamz a couple of months ago, a bright, buttercup yellow wonder that I couldn’t resist and now it’s, er, kinda snowballed.

Last year it was fluorescent colours, I couldn’t get enough of the neon yellows and pinks that were flooding the shops. I’ve toned it down this year and gone for the bright, sunny yellow – my so called happy colour. I was in Cardiff again this weekend (Hi, beautiful city, I like you. Alot ;) ) and have managed to add a pair of sunglasses and a fountain pen with yellow ink to the ‘of dreamz’ inventory. I know I should stop, but it makes me so happy to write yellow lists that i’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to. Colours Anonymous, anyone?

I really want to buy myself this filter pack so that all of my photos can be yellow too but sadly the heart says yes but the wallet says no, so I guess I’ll have to resort to trying to steal Q’s when he’s not looking. Wish me luck? ;)


Coming Soon To A Town Far Away

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We are Scientists and Regina Spektor are both playing in Cambridge now that I don’t live there. What is that about? There was barely anything going on that I wanted to do when I was on the doorstep, and now all of  sudden it’s the hub of my musical tastes and favourite comedians. Boo.

Living in Cornwall is a double edged sword. The weather is good, the people are friendly, the beaches are plentiful. But It’s far away from everywhere I’ve ever wanted to be, and it’s costly to rectify that. Sigh.