chipped nail polish? check. overwhelming sense of tiredness? check. aching limbs? check. A morning check revealing a combination of the above usually means it’s Monday morning. Add to that the feeling of something being missing and you can usually guarantee that the weekend involved either me or the boyfriend doing a long drive at the end of it. I painted my nails (yellow, of course) on Thursday night and now they are battered and war torn. I know I should take it off, it looks…Continue Reading “Recovery”

My hair is too long and it’s flicking out over my ears when I put my glasses on. It makes me feel a little self conscious, feeling these tufts – not long enough to have weight; not short enough to be neat. They’re my default now, the first place my fingers go to when I am thinking or fretting – smoothing out the kinks again and again and again, unable to keep them straight. I tuck them behind my ears time and time again but…Continue Reading “Letting Go”

It’s the little things that wear you down. The itchy eyes in the morning when you wake up after another night of endless dreams. The fact that your petrol light is on, again. The man in the office that won’t stop jingling the coins is his pocket when he talks to you and refers to emails as ‘pinging’ things. It’s the little things that pick you up. The friend who sent you the yellow roses for your birthday, as a surprise. Getting a film developed and…Continue Reading “Ebb & Flow”

I really wanted to hit 10 books this month and I only managed to complete 9. I did however put out an issue of Télégramme, celebrate my birthday and have three weekends full of fun so I don’t think I can complain that June was a bad month for anything other than reading. Books Read in June: 29. I Am Legend, Richard Matheson 30. Of Mice & Men, John Steinbeck 31. The Catcher In The Rye, J D Salinger 32. So Many Ways To Begin,…Continue Reading “Books! June Update”

I am still procrastinating. it’s 4pm and I’ve spent the entire day avoiding all the things I know I need to do like I have all the time in the world to do them. Instead of working on my application form I’ve been taking photos, finding new things for the new issue of Télégramme, day dreaming about lunch and chatting. I know why I’m avoiding it – I’m afraid to finish it because that means I have to send it off and then I have…Continue Reading “& So It Goes”

I find your blog a little too lengthy. I acknowledge the time you spent writing it. Thank you for all the efforts. – Britney. You’re right, Britney.  I’m so sorry. I’ll try and keep it short and snappy from now on.

I turned 27 on Sunday. Did I mention at all? It’s Thursday now and I’ve been meaning to do a catch up post every day since then but what with the seemingly never ending stream of things to do or emotions to feel or pollen to attack I got a bit sidetracked. Cardiff was fantastic. As always.I got some amazing presents before I went – a hoodie I’ve wanted for five years and a necklace I’ve been coveting since the minute I laid eyes on…Continue Reading “Better Late Than Never”