Falling Forward: A Girl & Her Lists

101 in 1001 – November Update

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Gosh it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I must admit that 101 in 1001 has kind of fallen off my radar in the past few months. The trouble with writing a list with such a far away end date is that things are liable to change before you get to the finish and things you thought you’d want to do you no longer care about.

I know that I won’t complete this list, but I don’t think it’s been a waste of time. I’ve learnt some new skills, had some fun experiences and I do genuinely think that it’s encouraged me to do more things instead of watching tv and vegging out in front of the internet every night*.

So! What have I completed recently?

Well, I think I can definitely tick off 4. De clutter. When I moved to Cardiff I pretty much jettisoned all of the things I thought I needed but actually never used. There’s still some stuff at my parents house that I need to go through but I’m definitely a lot better than I was and I think that will continue. Yay me.

62. Try and sell as much as possible before giving it away – I don’t own that much stuff that I can sell any more. I did a few car boots sales, put a bunch of stuff on livejournal and ebay and eventually just gave it away. It felt good to get rid of all of the crap I’ve been carrying around for so long.

94. Wear my contact lenses more – I wore them a few times but I binned them in the move because I just don’t get on with them. I like the freedom of wearing them, but putting them in and taking them out and the cost just doesn’t suit me at all. Still, at least I know that now, right?

67. Organise and shred paperwork – I did all of this before I left. I love throwing away paperwork I no longer need. It’s so rewarding. I’m much more of top of this now, too, which is a nice bonus.

69. Keep the bedroom inhabitable – Q and I are actually fairly good at this. The biggest culprit is clothes but that’s mainly due to a lack of storage :)

That’s 5 things I can knock off, which I think is okay, really :)

Things I won’t be doing:

76. Try and start a regular poker tournament – I’m gonna whisper this one. I don’t, er, like poker. The ex boyfriend enjoyed it and I thought it’d be good to learn but actually I find it kinda boring, so bye!

77. Use Tesco’s online more – we live in a weird building that the Tesco van would probably struggle to get into, so for now we’re just going to the supermarket. That’s okay tho, it’s fun :)

84. Get 20 hrs on wii fit – I don’t own a wii fit anymore. I’m probably doing slightly more exercise than before tho so it’s not all bad.

93. Have a work girly night – I have no job, I have no girls. If I get a job with girls I like I reserve the right to bring this one back in.
46. Teach Chris to play cribbage – well obviously since we’re not together and we don’t talk to each other I won’t be doing this one. Ha.

54. Re-design www.exquisitefunction.com – the site is gone. *sigh*

*Now I just do it most nights 😉

On Being Well Again & Why I Will Always Pick Cake Over Skinny

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Hi, food. I missed you. Let us never be apart again.

I finally started to feel better at the beginning of the week and now I’m back to eating like I was never ill, which is always nice. Plus I seem to have lost a few pounds because I can fit into the ultra skinny skinny jeans I bought in Tesco yesterday (even if I have had to unbutton them whilst I’m sat down – I’m svelt not a matchstick for goodness sake, ha).

Being unemployed is a strange beast, really. On the one hand I get to stay in bed all day; playing the sims and eating cheese sandwiches. On the other I’m in the flat on my own all day, I’m feeling the pressure of not being able to pay my way in an equal share (luckily for me Q is pretty good but I still feel bad) and the temptation to eat all the food I can get my hands on is hurting me.

We’ve been pretty good since I got here – mostly cooking meals at home and not going out for meals or takeaways (even tho we live in the middle of the city and it would be easy to roll out of the door and into one of the 19 chip shops outside).

The upcoming week is looking dangerous tho – dim sum with the in-laws on Sunday (om) and then a seafood platter at the Loch Fyne on Thursday to celebrate Q being one step closer to 30. (nom). I’m also supposed to be baking some kind of cake so between all of that I think I’d better wear these jeans as much as I can because they sure won’t fit by Friday 😀

Any suggestions on an easy cake to make? Cowboy, Jones – I’m looking in your direction here. Pony up.


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I am ill. Constant nausea*, puke at a family gathering, missing gigs and job interviews ill.

It sucks. I’ve been in Cardiff for a fortnight and whilst the first week was great I’ve spent the last seven days of that in bed pretty much, bemoaning the virus that put me there. Poor Q has had to look after me and go to work – not a task I envy (especially since I’m such a difficult patient). Eric has been attempting to look after me but the lack of opposable thumbs is severely hampering his progress.

I hope I get better soon. I’m fed up with feeling so weak and useless. Staying in bed all day is only fun if you can eat pork pies and the creamy centred ones from a tin of Roses whilst you’re doing it, everyone knows that.

*If I’m pregnant it’ll be a miracle of modern science since I’ve got a coil so I think we can safety discount that one, thank you.