Falling Forward

Dancing on Ice

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“Wow, there’s a lot of you here!” The instructor says, smiling. “Is it because Dancing on Ice is back on the TV?”

Everyone else nods and laughs whilst Q and I share a look of mock scorn. No. We are not taking ice skating lessons because of Dancing on Ice. In face we are mostly taking lessons because:

a) I have always wanted to and it’s on my life list
b) It’s the one sport type thing I am not absolutely terrible at and
c) Because Q is nice and he agreed to come with me.

 There are 23 people in our class. 23. When we booked we got told there would probably be around 6 ish and my head was filled with a vision of the giant ice rink just for us. In my opinion Dancing on bloody Ice has a lot to answer for. (*sob*) As it turns out, two thirds of the rink is taken over by those irritating 8 year olds who already own their own skates, have the cute little outfits and could probably outspin Torville and Dean. Bastards.

 So. We only get a section of ice, and we only get half an hour on a Monday night with the instructor. I’m hoping some people drop out or I might have to start bumping them off to get more time and space to myself. Luckily we get free skate time on the weekends for the duration of the course so hopefully I won’t have to get rid of too many people to be able to practice my pirouettes.

 It’s fun, tho. It really is. Everyone was nervous and giggling and I even managed to make a tentative friend who came on her own because her husband was convinced he’d be the only guy there. (He wouldn’t have been, but he wouldn’t have been far wrong). Our first lesson involved learning how to stop (which is surprisingly useful and apparently isn’t just ‘keep going until you hit the barrier’ – who knew?), skating backwards and doing a ‘mushroom’ which is where you glide forward and then crouch down. Fancy.

 Of course, ice skating wouldn’t be ice skating without a little falling. I was fine. A bit wobbly in places but no real mishaps. Q, however, managed to take me out with him in a spectacular fall literally just as we were getting off the ice. He swears it was an accident but since this is the only thing I’m even slightly better at that him, I’m not so sure… :P

 I know it’s only January but I’m planning an ice skating party for my birthday and you’re all invited. I’ll be damned if I’m going to take lessons and not have anywhere to show them off ;)


Day 30

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day 30- your favourite song

Grace Under Pressure – Elbow

Every time, without a doubt. Forever.


Day 29

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day 29- in this past month, what have you learned

I learned that my trainers hurt my feet, my pillows hurt my neck and I am incapable of going more than two weeks without some kind of papercut.

I also learned that Prague is pretty, Czech people don’t seem to smile that often and a hot sushi conveyer belt restaurant is an amazing idea.

I learned that Q’s mum has “high hopes” for me (which made me all sorts of happy and pleased and blushing), Sainsburys Lamb Rogan Josh is a bit spicier than I like to eat and that tweeting as a panda is funnier than I thought it would be.

& lastly I learned that book reading on the Kindle is AMAZING, and that Cherry 7up still exists. Score!


Day 28

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day 28- a picture of you from last year and now, how have you changed since then?

If I met 2009 me in the street I honestly couldn’t promise I’d recognise her. Head down, short hair, barely a smile. She’s a world away from where I am today.

I’m a much happier, friendlier, more fun filled person now. My life is so good, I wouldn’t change any of it. I’ve got everything I need right now, right here.

Slightly Oranger

January, 2010


Janaury 2011

Her Milkshake Brings All The Boys...

Q took this photo on New Years Day after we’d been ice-skating. I think I look a bit sad, but it was the happiest days. All of my days fall like that these days, which makes me lucky and grateful. I try not to forget the girl of last year tho, I remember how it felt to feel that way and it makes these good times all the sweeter for it. Here’s to another portrait in 2012 :)


Day 27

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day 27- why are you doing this 30 day challenge

Because Paul started doing it and it seemed like a good way to get some structure back into my blog. I try hard to write things that I want to read (and that others might want to read too) and having to write something (almost) every day has given me some good discipline. I’ve got 8 readers on google reader now (LOLZ) and I’d hate to let you guys down by never posting again ;)

Really tho -it’s been fun. Please, feel free to steal it from me if you’re so inclined. The full list (for ease of copying and pasting) is here.