1. Fat free cottage cheese 2. Reindeer patterned knit jumpers 3. Dream shoes second hand on eBay 4. Surprise love notes 5. Perfectly ripe avocados. I’ve been more stressed out than usual, and it’s been forever since I did a GIST. It’s nice to sit and think for a moment of the small things that made me smile this week, it helps with the calm 🙂

So! Last year I managed to read 100 books and this year I’ve set myself the same target. I’ve also added Read 1000 New Books to my life list, which I’m well aware will probably take me at least a decade but hey, what can I say, I love books. Read in January: 12 1. NEW: Under The Dome – Stephen King 2. NEW: Can You Keep A Secret? – Sophie Kinsella 3. NEW: The Raw Shark Texts – Stephen Hall 4. NEW: Darkness Under The…Continue Reading “Books! 2011 – January Update”

Day 8 of the 30 Day Challenge asked me to set some short term goals for myself for the month. I said that I wanted to: Join a gym – & I did! Go me. I’ve been a few times. Mostly I’ve been taking advantage of the pool – it’s always quiet after work which is nice. I’m up to swimming 60 x 12m lengths without stopping, which I don’t think is too shabby. Write 5 letters – I *almost* managed this. I wrote to…Continue Reading “Day 8/30 – Update”

I forgot to update over December but I didn’t end up doing much in the end anyway. Oops? My 101 in 1001 ends in September this year (I won’t lie, I am super looking forward to eating my first MacDonalds, sad as that seems) so if I want to get anywhere close to completing it I need to crack on. Here’s what I’ve managed in the past two months: December: 1 Completed 66. Buy all Christmas presents by the end of November I’m going to…Continue Reading “101 in 1001 – December & January Update”