Falling Forward

101 in 1001 – March Update

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This month I managed to tick off a couple of long term goals, which is always a pleasure. I’m coming into the final stretch with this project – all the stuff I have left to do has been left for a reason – but I’m hoping I’m going to find some final motivation to get it finished in time.

Completed Goals: 6
41. Make packed lunches for Chris and I myself every day for a month
My original goal included my boyfriend at the time, since I made this list in 2009 (gosh how long ago that feels now!). I modified it this year and have just completed 30 days in a row of bringing my own food to work. I’ve saved a lot of money and I’m probably eating a little healthier because of it. However, I am looking forward to my next Burger King A LOT. Nom.

63. See at least two live bands
I finally got to see Elbow live and they were incredible. So now I can tick this off and never have to go and see another gig again. Yay!

77. Use Tesco’s online more
We live in a flat above a shopping centre, so getting Tesco’s to deliver to us has sometimes been problematic, heh. Most of the time tho it works okay and I am definitely better at not picking up pork pies and ferrero rocher when I’m not actually in the supermarket. Score.

89. Try and pay off one of my credit cards
I am going to count this as done because I’ve actually paid off about half of my debt from the original £14,000 I had when I started this list. I’ve moved the money around a lot, but I’ve definitely paid some off. So take that, Virgin Money, you bunch of utter fuck muppets. I beat your system, now fuck off and die*. Thx!

50. Pay off my car
Yay! It took three years but I finally paid off my car. & then promptly sold it about two weeks later because I don’t need a car in Cardiff and we only have one parking space anyway. But I still paid it off!

93. Have a work girly night
Technically it wasn’t with the work girls, but since I like my friends more than the people I work with, having a girly night with them was much more fun.

Total completed: 63/101
Days remaining: 183

*Virgin Money are now on the list. Along with Darren Aronovsky and Danny Boyle for making films that gave me nightmares and Zurich Car Insurance for being tossers.


Friday Thanks

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Dear Girl at the Gym,
Thank you for doing some crunches on the mat whilst I was trying desperately to balance on the ball and do some arm exercises at the same time.
I hate going to the gym because the idea of people watching me exercise fills me with dread, but you inspired me to do some crunches too and I know my abdominal muscles will appreciate it.

Thanks for making me feel less bothered about what people think,

♥ Sarah.

- this is a potentially new feature, inspired by Leah at ThxThxThx.

Grace In Small Things

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1. Bed hair that actually looks good
2. Being able to not take a coat to work
3. Sunshine
4. Homemade salad dressing
5. Shampoo that smells like apples

Everything is better now the sun is shining, right?


One Day Like This

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Tonight I finally get to tick off item number 63 on my 101 in 1001: See at least two live bands. I know it doesn’t seem like such an arduous task, and perhaps two is a laughable number for a three year project but I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Are you ready?

 I don’t like live music.

Now, before you stone me to death for my bare faced ignorance let me explain. I like bands, I like music, I like songs. I do not like crowds, loud noises and being trodden upon. Being 5ft 2” normally means that at whatever gig I am at I am liable to either a) not be able to see or b) be smacked in the face. & also, I have had terrible experiences at live gigs. They’re just not my favourite things in the world.

I actually put it on my list for that very reason – because I don’t like doing it. One of my best friends is obsessed with live music and it’d be nice to be able to be a (n admittedly quite far away) gig buddy if the need ever arose. I went to see Los Campesinos! in February of last year, in a small gig in my home town believe it or not. The music was fun and I got to introduce my sister and her fiancé to the wonder that is My Year In Lists (a song obviously close to my own heart, heh) and We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed – the song that contains my most favourite lyrics in the world, ever:

I taught myself the only way to vaguely get along in love
Is to like the other
slightly less than you get in return
I keep feeling like I’m
being. under. cut

I also got accidentially punched in the face (with my glasses on, double yay!) by an over exuberant fan. You see? Live gigs + sarahmia = a dangerous combination.

But tonight I am willing to throw all that to one side and embrace the live music because tonight it’s Elbow and damn if I haven’t been waiting for this gig my entire life. (I’m just hoping they play my favourite songs otherwise I may well end up crying). I think it’s probably not an understatement when I say that Elbow are my favourite band of all time.

My actual favourite tracks come mostly from their B Sides, that I fell upon by accident long after their release. If you are new to Elbow, I suggest you listen to these five tracks. (Narrowing it down to five was hard).

Top Five Songs You Should Listen To Right Now:

  1. Grace Under Pressure [Cast of Thousands]
  2. An Imagined Affair [Leaders of the Free World]
  3. Fugitive Motel [Cast of Thousands]
  4. Great Expectations [Leaders of the Free World]
  5. Lippy Kids [Build A Rocket Boys]

My Favourite Tracks Of All Time:

  1. Stumble [Asleep in the Back, B Side]
  2. Lucky With Disease [Newborn EP – I think]
  3. Puncture Repair [Leaders of the Free World]
  4. Mexican Stand Off [Leaders of the Free World]
  5. My Everthere [Leaders of the Free World]

To say I am excited is a massive, massive understatement. So, if you’re listening, @guy_garvey, Please play the above and in return I promise I will sing along to every single word.


Grace In Small Things

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  • Laughing out loud in the cinema, with other people
  • Actually, just laughing in general
  • Other friends doing their own Grace in Small Things lists. (Hi Sean!)
  • Goodnight routines
  • Ham, salad cream and lettuce sandwiches
  • Have a good weekend, everybody. Be kind.