Plenty of my favourite books have been made into films. I can’t say that I’ve always really enjoyed the adaptations tho, but there are some that I’ve loved. Books That Became Films That I Enjoyed: The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. This is such an odd premise for a book but the film version really brought the book to life for me. The casting, the location, the dreamy, ethereal way in which it’s shot. Thumbs up. Harry Potterby JK Rowling. You’ve already sniggered at me for being…Continue Reading “30 Day BC – Day 11 : Your Favourite Book That Has Been Made Into A Film”

Hrm. This is a bit of a difficult one. My ‘to read’ list on Goodreads has 59 books on it right now but I’m not sure any of those are books that I’ve always meant to read. So these are the ‘Have been meaning to read these books for a while’ list instead: Yes Man by Danny Wallace. Q actually owns this and it’s been on our bookshelf since I moved in six months ago but there have always been books I’ve wanted to read…Continue Reading “30 Day BC – Day 10 : A Book You’ve Always Meant To Read And Never Got Round To”

I tend to re-read books when I feel down. Like a comfort blanket, I guess. Something I know I already love and understand, rather than the potential disappointment of something new. All the old favourites like The Lovely Bones and The Time Traveler’s Wife come out, as well as anything else that I happen to own and is on my bookshelf. Depressing as it may sound, The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides is one of my favourite books, and is very easy to read. It’s…Continue Reading “30 Day BC – Day 9 : A Book You Read When You Feel Down”

I really, really am not the type of person that quotes books. Don’t get me wrong – I will quote Friend’s episodes at you long beyond when it is even remotely funny but books don’t tend to stick in my head. I think partly because I read so many books (and therefore so many words and quotes) and also because I just don’t really quote much. I talk about books A LOT  (and pretty much to anyone who will listen) but I don’t ever really…Continue Reading “30 Day BC – Day 8 : The Book You Can Quote Best”

I’m going to go with any Mike Gayle book for this one. Most of his books are set in Birmingham (presumably because he comes from Birmingham) and I used to spend a bit of time there with my best friend (since he also, wait for it, comes from Birmingham). It’s a pretty tenuous link at best tho – it’s not like he writes graphically intense paragraphs about wandering around the Bullring Centre or hanging out in Brindley Place. It is nice to get a sense…Continue Reading “30 Day BC – Day 7 : A Book That Reminds You Of Somewhere”

There are actually only a couple of these, which I’m surprised at. I thought there would be  a lot more, given how many books I pick up from the library based on their covers or title. First up is The Life of Pi by Yann Martel. I borrowed this from a friend and lent him The Wind Up Bird Chronicle in exchange. Definitely not  a fair swap in my opinion. Excuse me for sounding ridiculous but is this story really about a boy and a tiger…Continue Reading “30 Day BC – Day 6 : A Book You Either Couldn’t Finish Or Struggled To.”

I don’t actually tend to read most books more than once or twice because the stories get stuck in my head and they get predictable to read but there are, of course, some exceptions to that rule. It probably won’t come as a surprise that my three favourite books are on this list, as well as some old classics from my childhood. The Time Traveler’s Wife – Audrey Niffenegger Microserfs – Douglas Coupland The Lovely Bones – Alice Seobold The Dark Tower Series [7 books] – Stephen…Continue Reading “30 Day BC – Day 5 : The Book That You’ve Read The Most Times”

Gosh some of these titles are long. This award will have to go to Haruki Murakami’s The Wind Up Bird Chronicle. I leant it to a work colleague in exchange for The Life of Pi (which I tried and failed to read) and then we had a bust up and I never saw him again. I think I would have stayed in touch if I’d realised that he still had my book, because I really, really loved this one. This was the first Haruki Murakami…Continue Reading “30 Day BC – Day 4 : A Book You Lent Out Once, Never Got Back And Miss”

I like to recommend books that I think people might not have heard of before so I present to you: Tuesday’s With Morrie by Mitch Albom. I remember looking at this book when it was recommended to me and thinking “This doesn’t look like my kind of book.” But it’s such a delicate story, all the more touching for the fact that it’s based on reality, not fiction, that tells the tale of Mitch’s reconnection with his favourite college professor whose acceptance of a disease…Continue Reading “30 Day BC – Day 3: Your Favourite Book To Recommend To Friends”

The prize for this goes straight to JD Salinger’s Catcher In The Rye. I did not understand the hype around this book. I’ve read it twice, once when I was a teenager and again last year, wondering if my tastes had matured. Either they hadn’t or it was still a book that I didn’t understand and didn’t enjoy. The only thing I even remotely liked about it was the cover of the copy that I owned (above). Stripes? Yes please. I should have kept it…Continue Reading “30 Day BC – Day 2: Your Least Favourite Book Of All Time”