Falling Forward

30 Day BC – Day 21 : The Book That Made You Look At Life In A Different Way

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Tuesdays With Morrie helped me to be more tolerant, I think. The Diving Bell & The Butterflymade me more grateful for the little things we take for granted. (Cliché, but true!).  The Raw Shark Texts, The Unbearable Lightness of Being  and The End Of Mr. Y opened my mind more to science and philosophy, always welcome and always fun, if a little difficult to get my head around sometimes.

There are so many books that have shaped and moulded my personality and knowledge. Books written by foreign authors like Haruki Murakami and Augusten Burroughs that give me insights into what living in a different country might be like.

It’s one of the main reasons I love reading, I think. To be able to gain knowledge, learn new words and expressions, to understand things in a different or better way. I’m such a knowledge geek, but hey. At least it’s better than being a Star Wars fan, right?*

I don’t read a lot of non fiction books – although I’ll read Bill Bryson and some autobiographical stuff. I think I should try and change that. There’s a whole world of information out there just begging to be learnt. Anyone want to give me any good recommendations of what to start with first?




*I jest, I jest! You can love Star Wars all you want. Just don’t expect me too ;)

It’s My Birthday

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I’m in Portugal right now so I’ve scheduled this to run whilst we’re away. Hopefully we’re enjoying it and I’m not too sunburnt.

It’s my birthday today, huzzah! I always feel odd about my birthday, it’s not something I really look forward to. When I was a kid it was a reason for my mum to bake a fancy cake. Her Cadbury button Hedgehog cake was second to none and the year she made a swimming pool with little swimmers I was suitable gobsmacked. Presents were great and when I was old enough my parents starting taking us out to restaurants for a special meal which is how I developed my love of raw steak. Thank you, dad. I’m forever in your debt.

Then I got a bit older and birthdays were non eventful affairs. Falling at the end of June when everyone was sick of school but we hadn’t quite broken up yet, I didn’t have a huge amount of friends and rarely did much. One year we went to the cinema to watch Batman and Robin. In hindsight, this was a low point but at the time it seemed quite fun, heh.

I stopped celebrating my birthday at all for a couple of years. A quiet meal out or a quiet meal in – mostly with my family or a boyfriend. I didn’t relish trying to corral large groups of people (I wasn’t ever entirely sure I’d get them to agree to attend for a start). Two years ago was a spectacularly failure where I managed to achieve a group of five people that barely had any connection to each other at all. All lovely in their own right but difficult to create a party from. Oh, and my card got declined at the start of the night which didn’t really kick things off.

Last year I decided I was going to ignore my birthday and hijacked someone else’s birthday event instead. That worked out fairly well and Q and I actually got together for real in the small hours of the morning so that was a pretty good result in my eyes. (I was drunk, crying and almost falling off a wall, and he was panicking slightly probably!) Perhaps not the most solid of starts but we’ve made it through okay and here we are today, engaged and sickeningly happy. Sorry ;) Barring any major disasters we’ll be on a beach as you read this probably, enjoying our anniversary and quietly toasting my 28 years.

I actually threw a party last weekend and although I panicked about attendance and the weather all week it was fabulous. I think I’m finally at a point where I have good people around me, people who are happy and willing to make a bit of effort to travel, even tho Cardiff is far away from Cornwall and from London. I’ve met a good bunch of people in Cardiff too, people I’m proud to call friends. I’m not sure when it happened but I’m thankful all the same.

 So maybe the birthday malaise has lifted for good. Next year we’ll be getting married and Q will be turning 30, both big events in our lives. The year after I’ll be turning 30, something I’m infinitely less looking forward to but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I’ll tell you something though; If I have the same friends around me then as I do now then it’ll be absolutely nothing to worry about :)



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A few of my friend have started up some new blogs recently and I’ve discovered some new-to-me blogs that have been around for a while so I thought I’d give you a heads up in case you fancied something new to read. These all, obviously, come highly recommended ;)

First up, Ellie (or Patchworkbunny as she’s more usually known on ze internet) has started a blog about her voracious reading. If you think my reading habits are crazy you should meet Ellie, she puts my monthly totals to shame.

Second is Jules with the wonderful Velo-City. Jules is convinced that cycling doesn’t have to mean unfashionable clothes and dull bikes and I’m starting to come around to her way of thinking. A delightful read, even if you’re like me and the only wheels you have access to belong to your fella’s car.

Next up is Hayley from Ceriselle. Weirdly, Hayley and I actually have a mutual friend in common that we didn’t meet through each other. The internet is a small place, non? Her blog is a nice mix of fashion and lifestyle topics and always makes for a good read.

I met Lou through twitter and then met her in real life through a #cdfblogs (that’s Cardiff Blogs to the uninitiated) even in May. She’s a really lovely lady, and although beauty bloggers aren’t usually my thing (I’m too lazy for a beauty routine!) I’ve found a few good tips on Lou Lou Muses, which is always nice! Perfect if you like all things beauty.

If you’re more into F1 than Benefit then this next one if for you. Q and a team have put together Dodgy Knees and Dirty Balls (yes, you may snigger) - a collaborative sports blog written by fans of all sports. It shouldn’t really be my cup of tea (the closest I get to sports is ice-skating and trampolining) but actually some of the posts are lighthearted and amusing so don’t let the fact that it’s about balls and dirt (*snigger*) put you off ;) It launched today which means it’s still got that new blog smell, mm. Go and show them some love, hrm?

Next time I’ll tell you about Liz and Scott’s blog (if they ever launch it ;) ) and a few others that I’ve found and added to my ever expanding feedreader. Now I just need to find time to read them all…


30 Day BC – Day 22 : A Book You Wish Was Real Life

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Q and I are flying out to Portugal today to celebrate my birthday and our Anniversary on Monday. (Yes, we got together on my birthday. This way he always remembers ;) ). I’ve scheduled a few posts to run whilst we’re away so that you don’t miss me too much. I know, I know. I’m thoughtful like that…


Er, Harry Potter? Any of the X-Men comics? Anything that can make it alright for me to be a massive geek is absolutely fine by me.

I’d love it if Susie’s version of Heaven from The Lovely Bones could exist, but I don’t think I’d want the rest of the book to be reality. I’d love to live in the Dark Tower series for a while but I’m not sure I could cope with their world for too long.

It would probably also be fun to live in Jasper Fforde’s BookWorld – getting to jump between books and hang out with literary fiction would be fine by me.

Like I said. Massive geek. You’re not going to tell anyone, right?


Friday Thanks

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Dear Waitrose,

Thank you for making gluten free cookies that don’t taste terrible. It’s nice to find a treat that I can actually eat without feeling guilty. Keep up the good cookie work.


Love Sarah


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