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I love to live my life via lists. Paper lists, to do lists, notebooks with scribbled instructions. I have post it notes covered in bullet pointed items and enough apps on my phone to organise my entire life. I like lists.

So it’s no big surprise, really, that I jumped into the Life List idea with both feet. Maggie was the original life lister for me – her spirit and her tenacity are a constant source of inspiration.

I wrote it in January – slowly adding a few items here and there until all of a sudden I’d amassed a list of 123 things I’d like to do before I go. Crazy. I’ve set up a page for my list and will be posting about items as I complete them.

I honestly didn’t realise how much happier doing this would make me. It’s given me a reason to focus on the joyous, on the good, on the fun. We spend a lot of time doing things for money or doing things out of obligation. It’s wonderful to have a constant reminder of the things we can do just to make us feel good.

If you create your own list or want any help or inspiration give me a shout – I’d be happy to talk it over with you.

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