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Friday Thanks

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Dear cocktails,
Thanks for giving me a great reason to meet up with people I love more often. Thanks also for being such a large collective group of drinks – it’s really fun trying to drink a hundred of you.

Love Sarah

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30 Day BC – Day 26 : A Book You Honestly Read In One Sitting

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The last book I remember devouring the minute it was released was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, even though we had a friend visiting that weekend. Wildly anti social, but I think he understood.

I’m a pretty voracious reader, so there are quite a few books I’ve read in one sitting. Short books are no problem – I read two on a three hour coach journey recently – but there aren’t many books I’ve stayed up to read just because they were so good. Normally the reason I finish a book in one sitting is because it’s either not that long or I’ve got a lot of free reading time that day.

Shamefully, I remember staying up until past midnight to finish reading Twilight. No idea why, now.

I’m not really waiting on any books to come out at the moment. I remember willingly forking out £20 for the hardcover edition of the last installment of The Dark Tower series because I was so desperate to read it, but these days it’s more a ‘oh, that would probably be quite good to read’. I spend less money on bulky, unweildly books but I sort of miss the excitement, I must admit.

Is there anything I’m missing?

30 Day BC – Day 25 : Your Favourite Book Of Last Year

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I enjoyed Room by Emma Donaghue although I wouldn’t say it was my favourite book of last year. I didn’t think it was as amazing as everyone was saying it was, but it did put an original twist on a story, which I liked.

The Hand That First Held Mine by Maggie O’Farrell was a beautiful book, and something I would never have picked up if it hadn’t have been assigned as our book group book. I’ve read a couple of hers since that I enjoyed equally as much – it’s good to know that she wasn’t a one book wonder because I really loved her style and prose.

I like both those books but I think my favourite book of 2010 has to be The C Word by Lisa Lynch. I met her on twitter (& loved her so much she has an invite to our wedding) and reading the story of her battle with breast cancer at 28 was an emotional ride, but completely and utterly worth it. she writes with a enviable confidence and gentle humour – by the end of the book I was in floods of tears and more proud of her than ever before. Definitely one not to miss.

King Death by Toby Litt
Shit My Dad Says by Justin Halpern
I Heart Paris by Lindsey Kelk

30 Day BC – Day 24 : Your Favourite Book As A Child

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As If I could pick just one? I almost inhaled my local library as a kid (moving on to Danielle Steele and Virginia Andrews when I’d finished reading the Young Adult section – possibly not the best idea in hindsight). I was practically Matilda.

I used to read anything and everything I could get my hands on. I adored anything by Francine Pascal, Enid Blyton and R.L Stein – many a night was spend under the covers with a torch reading Point Horror and the Famous Five after my mother had repeatedly told me to turn the lights out and got to bed.

I was a teenager when Harry Potter came out rather than a child, so that doesn’t really count, but obviously they’re some of my favourites so I’m going to include them in every book list I ever write, apparently. Sorry kids.

But…no. I can’t pick just one favourite, it wouldn’t be right. If I had to recommend a book to read now tho I’d probably pick something like Tilly Mint and the Dodo. I loved that book when I was younger – I wish I still had a copy. Anyone with a food based surname gets a special place in my heart.


Friday Thanks

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Dear Paperclips,

Thanks for being reusable, unlike staples. I had some zebra striped ones as a kid and they always used to make me smile. Thanks for coming in a bunch of interesting shapes and colours. I bought some of you shaped like penguins for a friend recently and it totally made my day.

Love Sarah

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Grace In Small Things

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• Putting on brand new socks
• Falling into bed when you’re exhausted
• Dipping your feet in the sea
• New tattoo plans
• Realising you made the right choice for you

Portugal, You Owe Me €74

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You may or may not know this but Q and I actually officially got together during the early hours of my 27th birthday. This is awesome for two reasons:

1.We get to celebrate two things at once. Multi tasking.
2. Now there is only one date to remember he really has no excuse to forget either one.

So we decided, to celebrate these two things, that we would book some time off and go away together. We’d both been craving some vitamin D and although Prague in January was great it didn’t exactly fill up the reserves. I was hoping we’d be able to spend a week in Greece toasting ourselves nicely but sadly I’m a temp and I hadn’t accrued enough holiday to take a week off by then so we switched our plans and booked 4 nights in Portugal.

Things I knew about Portugal before we left:

1. It is next to Spain.
2. Err…

I found this out when I looked at Portugal on Google maps, just before we booked the flights. I’m serious. My geography has always been my weak point (but I’m so willing to learn!) so heading to a European country I’d never been to before held a lot of appeal for me.

portugalThis picture? Not representative of what our bit of Portugal was really like.

One of my life list items is to visit 15 European countries. Portugal was number 4 for me, after France, Italy and the Czech Republic. I was hoping that we could fit in a day trip to Seville (because Portugal is next to Spain! See how I’ve learnt so much already) so that I could tick Spain off my list as well but that didn’t happen in the end so we’ll have to save that pleasure for another trip.


Half of Faro is literally falling apart.

I really wanted to love this holiday but to be perfectly honest it was just…okay. Don’t get me wrong, it was wonderful to spend some uninterrupted time together with Q and the weather was lovely. I swam in the sea, I ate some cake and I read eight books, it wasn’t an unsuccessful holiday but any means. But Portugal itself (the town we were in at least) was just a bit…odd. And expensive. (€50 for a shared starter and a main each that wasn’t even that good? On my birthdayversary? Lame).


there was a lot of graffiti.

I think I was expecting something prettier, more vibrant and more local than the weary, tourist run town we got. The fact that we also lost out on €74 because we were sold the wrong train tickets and ending up being kicked off the train to Lisbon in a backwater station didn’t exactly endure me to the Portuguese people either (especially when two of them insinuated pretty strongly that I was a liar) so that was a bit of a bum note that soured the last morning for us, sadly. (Little tip, if someone says it’s okay to get on a 9:18am train with a ticket booked for 7:05am, it isn’t). But hey, you live and learn, right?


But the beach was pretty sweet…

I don’t think we’ll go again, there are probably other places in Europe that are more suited to us, but you know what, that’s okay. Because like I said, I got to read books, to spend time with my favourite person in the world and eat cake. Any time I can do those three things is a win in my eyes.


and so was my companion :)

30 Day BC – Day 23 : Your Favourite Book By A Non-British Author

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I think the majority of the authors I read are non British – I actually really struggle to find good British authors. (if you have any suggestions now is the time to speak up!) Obviously all the ones I’ve already mentioned a hundred times before: Stephen King, Augusten Burroughs, Douglas Coupland and Haruki Murakami. Although I don’t tend to read a lot of British authors I also don’t seem to branch out into non-American/Candian authors either so this question becomes harder to answer if you take them out of the equation.

I love Janet Evanovitch, but she’s American. I love Bill Bryson but he’s American too. I’m looking through my GoodReads but this is getting tiring so I should probably just say ‘I read a lot of American authors’ and leave it at that.

The Weekend In Pictures

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The weekend was lovely. Jools and Ian came to visit us and bought homemade rocky road from Portsmouth and St John’s doughnuts from London. Both were incredible. (Nom!)

We met up with a gaggle of twitter women and Saturday night was filled with cocktails, of which there are no photos. Oops! But I managed to tick another three off my life list wish of try 100 cocktails, which was ace. (& I didn’t wake up with a hangover, double bonus). For lunch we took Ian and Jools out for dim sum, along with Liz and Scott. Pretty sure everyone enjoyed themselves, there was barely a scrap of food left so I think we did okay!


Then we headed to Cardiff Bay to check out the food festival with their pretty bunting and gorgeous ice cream…


and also introduced them to the wonderful weirdness that is the Ianto Jones Memorial wall. Good times!


It’s nice when people come to visit you. It’s especially nice for me to show people around my new home, it makes me feel like a proper resident, heh. Thanks for coming, guys :) it was awesome.

Friday Thanks

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Dear 35mm film,

Thanks for always bringing surprises. You’re expensive to shoot with so I don’t do it very often but the anticipation before receiving the photos back is one of the best feelings in the world. Thanks for making me wait,

Love Sarah

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