30 Day BC – Day 26 : A Book You Honestly Read In One Sitting

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The last book I remember devouring the minute it was released was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, even though we had a friend visiting that weekend. Wildly anti social, but I think he understood.

I’m a pretty voracious reader, so there are quite a few books I’ve read in one sitting. Short books are no problem – I read two on a three hour coach journey recently – but there aren’t many books I’ve stayed up to read just because they were so good. Normally the reason I finish a book in one sitting is because it’s either not that long or I’ve got a lot of free reading time that day.

Shamefully, I remember staying up until past midnight to finish reading Twilight. No idea why, now.

I’m not really waiting on any books to come out at the moment. I remember willingly forking out £20 for the hardcover edition of the last installment of The Dark Tower series because I was so desperate to read it, but these days it’s more a ‘oh, that would probably be quite good to read’. I spend less money on bulky, unweildly books but I sort of miss the excitement, I must admit.

Is there anything I’m missing?

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