Did you forget I was doing this? Because I totally did. I don’t tend to read non-fiction books but an ex boyfriend was quite into biographies so I did read a couple out of sheer desperation. I think my favourite was probably Rolf Harris, weirdly. One other one that I enjoyed was the story of Starbucks, but I’m not sure if that really counts as autobiographical or not?   I think it’s safe to say that I’m more into fiction than non fiction – if…Continue Reading “30 Day BC – Day 28 : Your Favourite Autobiographical Book”

I’ve been messing around on Polyvore a bit. I forgot I even had an account until Heather started posting her outfit posts and it jogged my memory. I love yellow (obviously) so I thought I’d create a fantasy outfit for a smart casual night out. How cute are those shoes?! Miss Selfridge army t shirt £28 – missselfridge.com Vila short shorts £20 – mylabel.co.uk Falke tight $69 – net-a-porter.com High heels £68 – schuh.co.uk H M leather shoulder bag £9.99 – hm.com Miss Selfridge hair bow accessory £8.50 – missselfridge.com Gold Baby Cat Ring £6.50 – missselfridge.com

Whenever I meet people who have talents that I do not, I tend to sit, open mouthed at just how incredible whatever it is that they can do, is. Dancers especially, since I cannot follow a routine for toffee and illustrators because my drawing skills have never progressed past scribbles and doodles in the margins. We went to London this weekend to help celebrate a friend’s birthday. We went out to a comedy show, we came home and listened to the inconsiderate bastards upstairs party…Continue Reading “Awe Struck”

Things have been a bit quiet over here on Falling Forward. Partly due to the fact that I can no longer access my blog at work (they force us to use IE6 and it’s slowly killing me, I swear) and partly because things have been a little hectic of late. I do miss this tho, so here’s a little update of what we’ve been up to lately. My girlcrush, Liz, is a Barry local so she took us to Barry Island for an ice cream…Continue Reading “A Pictorial Update”

Dear Pop-Tarts, Thanks for coming in so many ridiculous flavours. My quest to try you all has been a lot of fun so far, you overly enumbered, crazy toaster pastry, you. You also make it really easy for my friends to know what to buy me for my birthday, which is always nice. Love Sarah See other Friday Thanks here or visit the original inspiration for the project here.

Read in July: 7 86. NEW: X-Men: First Class – Jeff Parker 87. NEW: The Almost Moon – Alice Seobold 88. NEW: The Importance of Being a Bachelor – Mike Gayle 89. NEW: The Tiger’s Wife – Téa Obreht 90. NEW: An Object of Beauty – Steve Martin 91. NEW: The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox – Maggie O’Farrell 92. NEW: My Sister’s Keeper – Jodi Picoult Favourite Book This Month: To be honest there were a great many that I enjoyed this month, but…Continue Reading “Books! 2011 – July Update”

Dear foreign coins, Thanks for being so different to our own currency. It’s a lot of fun to look at your different patterns, shapes, sizes and colours. Hey Canada… don’t tell the rest of the world but I like your animal coins the best. Love Sarah – See other Friday Thanks here or visit the original inspiration for the project here.  

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a ‘foodie’ (altho I don’t associate anything negative with the title) but I do love food. I like to cook and I like to find new recipes. I spotted these three on What Katie Does a little while ago but haven’t gotten around to actually making them yet. If anyone has any experience of them, feel free to give me a shout 🙂 Katie’s pictures looked delicious. Raspberry and white chocolate blondies I’m sort of ashamed at how long it…Continue Reading “Recipes to Try”