Pinterest: Yellow Love

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I’ve been browsing Pinterest again for beautiful, intriguing things. This time, it’s a round of all things yellow (because we all know that’s my favourite, right?)

I adore this print. It reminds me of a friend of mine who always used to say “cold hands, cold heart”. Luckily for me, his hands were pretty toasty. (£12)

Can I ever have enough yellow clothes? No. No I can not. (£35 & £45 respectively)

I love all these Washi tapes. If I could afford it I’d buy myself a whole group of them and tape everything in site.

These shoes are the reason I ended up buying a pair of bright yellow heels as my wedding shoes. ($310)


Fox! Yellow Fox! (£22.68)

We can just go ahead and file these two under bags I don’t need but definitely want.

Feel free to buy me any (or all, ha) of these things. I’m not precious about receiving gifts ;)

All these images can be found on my Pinterest account with appropriate links back to where they were found originally.