September 29, 2011

A Week of Lists: My Favourite Characters From Group Sitcoms

Friends – Joey. Towards the end of the show they started giving him the greatest lines, it was a joy to watch. How I Met Your Mother – Barney. One word – legen..wait for it..dary. The Big Bang Theory – Raj. The way he brutalises Sheldon is genius. The IT Crowd – Moss. So cute! Black […]

A Week of Lists: Things On The Internet That Make Me Laugh


 the slow loris being tickled, obviously Strongbad creating a techno song and Q creating his own version of it Ross and Ardie talking about Mouse Sized Moose anything Allie writes but specifically these posts. This one Penny-Arcade post which is my favourite of all time These are the things I refer to when I or […]