Falling Forward: A Girl & Her Lists

A Week of Lists: My Favourite Characters From Group Sitcoms

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  • FriendsJoey. Towards the end of the show they started giving him the greatest lines, it was a joy to watch.
  • How I Met Your MotherBarney. One word – legen..wait for it..dary.
  • The Big Bang TheoryRaj. The way he brutalises Sheldon is genius.
  • The IT Crowd – Moss. So cute!
  • Black Books – Bernard. I saw Dylan Moran live once and he was a bit of a let down, but as Bernard he’s just sublime.
I am all about sitcom men, apparently.

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A Week of Lists: Words I Constantly Misspell

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  • across. I seem to be putting two c’s in lately, no idea why.
  • copyright. As Amy pointed out, I usually spell it as copywrite. D’oh.
  • fluorescent. I had this nailed once because I had to write it a lot but I’ve lost it again.
  • conscientious. Too many vowels! Actually words beginning with vowels are usually my major downfall in Scrabble and Boggle, my brain just doesn’t reach for them, ever.
  • referral. You’d think I’d know this one since I worked in a hospital but I always think it’s double f, single r.

Everyone has this, right? Blind spot words? I’m usually a pretty good speller, but I always have to come back and correct these.

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A Week of Lists: Things On The Internet That Make Me Laugh

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These are the things I refer to when I or people around me need cheering up. Someone I consider to be a good friend and an amazing person (both because she is awesome and also her outlook on life) got dealt another shitty hand this week, so this one is for you, Lisa. Hope it helps to balance out the ratio of poo jokes a bit.

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A Week of Lists: Foods I’m Craving

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  •  avocados (always)
  • mussels in a creamy, white wine rich sauce
  • marmite on hot, buttered toast
  • lasagne with a large amount of white sauce (I don’t know why, it just tastes good!)
  • apple pie with custard and clotted cream. Mm..
I’ve pretty much just made myself hungry. Good work, Sarah.

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A Week of Lists: Positives About Being Unemployed

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  • The data usage on my phone is practically non existant because I’m connected to the wifi all the time.
  • being able to wear pyjamas whenever the hell I feel like it. (Note: I feel like wearing my pyjamas all the time)
  • Finally clearing down all the crap on the Sky+ list
  • Better lunch options
  • The flat is warmer than the office. Plus I can wear my slippers instead of shoes. Score!

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A Week of Lists: Guilty Pleasure TV Shows

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  • America’s Next Top Model. Sky Living is showing all the old series’ back to back and it’s glorious.
  • How I Met Your Mother. I know they probably won’t ever reveal how he met their damn mother, but I’m a sucker for Barney.
  • The Hills. DON’T YOU JUDGE ME.
  • X Factor. Even tho it’s trash and made up and blah blah blah. Hearing people who can really sing gives me goosebumps every single time.
  • Australian Masterchef. It’s so much more fun than UK Masterchef, altho Matt Preston annoys the merry hell out of me.

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Books! 2011 – August Update

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I know this is horrendously late but yes, here are the books I read in August.

Read in August:
93. Palm Trees on the Hudson: A Story of the Mob, Judy Garland & Interior Decorating – Elliot Tibor
94. Meltdown – Ben Elton
95. The Distance Between Us – Maggie O’Farrell
96. The Last Bachelor – Jay McInerney
97. Juliet, Naked – Nick Hornby
98. Checkmate – Malorie Blackman
99. Slam – Nick Horby

Favourite book read this month:
I think it was actually Meltdown by Ben Elton. I know some people don’t like his style, but I’ve enjoyed all of his books. I was expecting this one to end in a certain way and I was pleasantly surprised with the twists he threw in to keep it interesting.

Least favourite book read this month:
The Last Bachelor was a book of short stories which I couldn’t really get into and didn’t really enjoy all that much. Juliet, Naked dragged on for too long and Slam was just a little…flat. I should learn that I don’t really enjoy Nick Hornby all that much but I always seem to forget that whenever I see his books on the shelf.

I read: 8 new books in August and 0 re-reads, bring my life list wish of reading 1000 new books up to: 93/1000.

A Week of Lists: Things That I Miss

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  • Cadbury creme eggs
  • hugs from my mum
  • having a pet (Eric doesn’t really count as a pet)
  • the ice cream freezer at the cinema. No more magnums, sigh.
  • owning a car

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Friday Thanks

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Dear The Internet,

Thank you for enabling me to meet fantastic, wonderful, inspiring people every day. Thank you for providing me with videos of slow loris’ being tickled, xkcd comics and Maggie Mason’s Life List. You’re awesome. I know sometimes people abuse you, and people use you to procrastinate every day but you’re also pretty cool. It’s nice to remember that.

Love Sarah

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More Yellow Love

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Remember Leni? She drew me a beautiful yellow portrait :)

(I think I love her)