101 in 1001 – The End.

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It’s over. It’s done. 1001 days after I started it, my challenge to complete 101 things is finally over. Did I complete it? Hahahaha. No. No I did not. I got pretty close tho, which is nice. This is the second time I’ve done this but I won’t be signing up for a third – I’ve got enough lists and things going on my in life not to really need it.

Completed goals in September: 3

8. Delete all mp3s I don’t like
FINALLY. All of the mp3s in my iTunes library are rated 3* and above, everything else is gone.

45. Post at least once a week to www.exquisitefunction.com for a year.*
*amended to: reach 250 posts on Falling Forward.
I hit 252. Such an overachiever 😉

82. Nothing from McDonalds for the full 1001 days
I’m amazed that I actually managed to complete this, but I did. I had a McDonalds on the drive home from my sister’s wedding and I’m not going to lie, the fries were awesome. I’ve wanted one every day since then tho, which isn’t the best outcome, ha.

Completed goals overall: 84
Unfinished goals: 17

I don’t think that’s too bad, do you?

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