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Life List Update: Try Rock Climbing

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Q and I had a voucher for a rock climbing trial so we went along one evening early this year to see what it was all about. Honestly? I wasn’t a fan. Q enjoyed it but the sensation of being so close to a wall, gripping on by my finger tips wasn’t one that I relished.

Still, at least I tried it, right?

rock climbing

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What I’ve Been Up To Lately – In Photos

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I’ve been absent from here for quite some time. Mostly wedding, job and life stress has made me less inclined to post – rather than try and catch up on six months of updates I’m going to catch up from now and try and update as I go. 

We went to London a little over a month ago to eat burgers and catch up with some friends pre-wedding. It’s been a while since I went to London to see someone other than the best friend (our visits normally revolve around pubs and chinese food) so I wanted to take advantage of it and get my grubby paws on a doughnut and a burger. We spotted:

Tiny Singers in the Sea

Singer In The Sea

We popped over to the Tate Modern whilst we were in London and spotted this guy doing an impromptu performance (complete with a mike stand and an electric guitar) whilst standing in the Thames. Like you do.

Doughnuts at St Johns


Doughnut Eating


The Boy & Lady Velo

We met up with Ian, Jools, Leni and Owen for doughnuts at St Johns Bakery and Coffee at Monmouth Street before heading to Meat Liquor and meeting up with Aaron to consume some delicious burgers and deep fried pickles.

Alexandra Palace

We also met up with Amy, Anna and Andrew (triple A!) for a wander around Alexandra Palace.


There are deer there. Who knew?

All of these were shot on the Minolta 35mm. Dreamy little camera. There are more on my Flickr stream if anyone remotely cares.

It’s nice to be able to introduce people to each other before the wedding – it’s only 15 weeks away now but it still feels like a complete dream at this point. It’ll feel real eventually, right?

Friday Thanks

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Dear September,

Thanks for being close enough now that I’m scared I won’t get everything done in time. I always work better with a little fear and motivation behind me.

Love Sarah

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Friday Thanks

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Dear Falling Foward,

Thank you for waiting around for me to feel like writing again. I’m almost there, I promise.

Love Sarah

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