New Life List Item: Get Books Signed By My Favourite Authors

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Added: Get Books Signed By My Favourite Authors

One of the benefits of living in a capital city is that people like to come here. Tourists, bands, authors, artists – there is always something going on in Cardiff.

Today I wandered up to Waterstones, picked up a copy of The Woman Who Died A Lot and stood in the queue to get it signed by the author, Jasper Fforde. He’s one of my favourite authors so it was a real pleasure to meet him and I even got the guy behind me in the queue to take a photo of us together. (Me and Jasper, not me and the guy in the queue. That would just be odd.) He was very friendly and very, very British. Which was nice.

It was great to be able to tell him in person how much I enjoy his books and how much they make me laugh. How often do you really get to communicate that to people?

So, with that in mind I’ve decided to add it to my Life List because I love books, I love people and I love telling people I love their books. I’ve actually already got a book signed by Dave Gorman (he was very friendly, too). Stephen King might be harder to get but I’m not exactly adverse to a holiday in the States so if he ever does a book reading there maybe I’ll go 😉

Life List Item: Tick - Jasper Fforde!

I don’t even care that I look ridiculous, crouching next to someone sitting down, ha.

3 thoughts on “New Life List Item: Get Books Signed By My Favourite Authors

  1. Love it! The only famous person I’ve met and had a book signed by was Rich Fulcher – my sister helped organise this big signing day at Waterstones Gower Street and convinced him to go along. Simon Callow, Andrew Marr, Robin Ince and various others were there too, was pretty cool!

  2. 🙂 My friend has met Mr Fforde multiple times and was getting a bit worried he’d suspect her of stalking him! She missed him in Bristol this week, but that’s probably better for avoiding a restraining order…

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