Life List: Update

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Here’s what I’ve been up to with the Life List lately. Writing one was the best thing I ever did, it’s been so fun to tick thing off!

Ride The Carousel in Cardiff Bay – I will blog about this soon, I promise.

Finish a crossword without cheating – Tzevai gave me a couple of small hints but I didn’t look anything up or check the answers so I’m declaring this done. I will, however, keep trying to finish one entirely on my own. Any tips for getting better at crosswords?

Attend an ‘Outstanding in the Field‘ event

Attend the Fforde Ffiesta

Teach a class in something
Get books signed by my favourite authors
Attend Camp Mighty
Publish ten issues of Télégramme magazine
Find grace in 500 small things

Buy a set of Le Crueset dishes
Buy a Marc Johns original
Buy a Rob Ryan original

Stay at one of the Ace hotels
Stay at the Pantone Hotel

What have you guys added to yours lately?

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