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Hello! Life has been incredibly busy of late – the last six weeks have been a crazy whirlwind of plans, weddings, honeymoons and happiness. I’ll do a proper update post on it all soon but in the meantime here’s an update on the Life List 🙂

Completed: 6
Marry Tzevai (yay!)
Watch the sunrise from a beach

Try scuba diving
Learn how to play one song on the ukulele
Buy 50’s pin up underwear
Achieve a #2 toast tan

Added: 12

Find a carousel horse with my name on it

Try snorkelling
Learn how to french braid my hair
Learn one song on the piano

Attach a lock to a ‘love bridge’
See a Postsecret Live event
See a performance of the Vagina Monologues

Buy a beautiful yellow swimsuit

Pet a panda

Watch the sunrise from a beach
Swim in every ocean and sea
Visit enough countries to get a stamp for every page in my passport

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