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Gosh it’s been a while since I wrote an actual post, hasn’t it? Lists are all very well and good but it feels like I haven’t said anything real for months. Oops! Am I allowed to blame it on the wedding planning that I barely mentioned here but which took up a sizeable amount of my time? Or my new job which I also didn’t mention but which is fun but also demanding at times? No? Oh well. You live and you learn 😉

First Things First

Mr & Mrs Chong

Above photos taken by our amazing wedding photographer, Maria Farrelly.

Life has been good, in a crazy, whirlwind sort of insane way. I’m married now, huzzah! (I’ll do a proper post on that at some point (it was the best day). I won’t say soon because I never stick to that but, y’know, before Christmas. Probably.) We’ve been to Mexico for our honeymoon and returned tanned and full of food (double win!).

Taken on the day that we got up early to watch the sunrise from the beach 🙂

We came back and I cut all my hair off and now we’re in the process of trying to sell our flat so we can buy a bigger house. Fun/stressful depending on what day of the week it is at the moment. Whoever tells you wedding planning is as stressful as buying a house, it’s bullshit – house buying is much worse.

Hair cut 🙂

Second Things Second
In website news I’ve finally added the details to my project pages. Télégramme is here, Friday Thanks is here (it would appear I am most thankful for things beginning with S and P) and Grace in Small Things is here, if you’re interested.

I’m working on the next issue of Télégramme, slowly, and throwing myself into a couple of new projects to banish the post wedding blues. I taught a class, we’ve been cooking some fun new recipes and there are lots of exciting plans being made for the next twelve months and beyond. Yay for plans, right? 🙂

Sarah and Amy both wrote lovely posts about the wedding, so if you’re dying for some news head over there, they’ll tide you over until I can write my post. (You should visit them anyway, being 50% of team MASH and 100% awesome)

What have you guys been up to? 🙂 Tell me all your news!

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    1. Ha, do I?! But I hardly ever have short hair anymore 🙂 I like it too, looking forward to being able to ponytail again, this do is costing me a fortune in dry shampoo.

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