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*drum roll*

We bought a house. It took over six months of searching, solicitor wrangling (and several moments of being close to estate agent strangling) but we finally did it: we bought a whole house, just for us and we remodeled it with flooring refinishers. It was one of the goals I first wrote on my Life List and now I’ve finally been able to tick it off because we moved into our new place a fortnight ago. (Eee!) You’re all welcome to come visit – we’ll provide the BBQ if you bring the meat. Deal?

We have bricks, and mortar, and dubious built in wardrobes. We have gorgeous (original) parquet flooring, a temperamental central heating system and a hell of a lot of wallpaper, but at least we no longer have that glittery toilet seat. We ripped that sucker right out – I’m not interested in partying in my downstairs bathroom, thank you very much. (No matter how many disco balls Hayley sends us).


It was the most stressful thing we’ve been through (so far) and there were definitely times when I didn’t think we were going to make it to the other side. One of my main weaknesses is anxiety over not being in control, and we had zero control over this whole situation which led to a lot of tears, worry and comfort eating of brownie tray bakes.

Now we’re finally in I can breathe a sigh of relief – there’s a lot of work to be done (way more than we anticipated) but at least the decisions we make now will be ours, not someone else’s. We can work to our own timescale, and know roughly what’s going to happen, when it will (hopefully) happen and how much it’ll cost us. (The answer is always “too much” if you’re wondering).

Would I recommend either of our estate agents? (We bought from one and sold via another, making it even more complex). As people they’re probably nice, but no, no I wouldn’t. They evaded questions, often contradicted each other and drove me around the bend. Our solicitor, on the other hand, was great – couldn’t recommend him more. He was the only person in this process who felt like he was helping us, and for that I will forever be grateful.

We’ve gone from a one bedroom flat in the city centre to a four bedroom house in the suburbs, which is quite the transition. We’re getting there slowly – there is good light here, which helps, and a sense of potential. Buying a house – not so much fun. Building a home together, however? Pretty fucking awesome.

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