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Dear Daschunds,

Thanks for being so adorable, and for having hypoallergenic fur. Also thanks for being such an awesome vehicle for my “dogs dressed as food” dreams. I can’t wait to own one of you – you bet I’ll be ordering a hotdog costume at the same time.

When I was little, I used to have a dog. Well, it was originally my mother’s dog, it came from her home. She was a pretty old dog, and I had my mom and dad teaching from a very young age about what happens to dogs as they age, because she started dealing with all sorts of stuff. One particular trip to the vet, my parents told me when they got back that they were told they would have to find some form of joint pain relief. I was so young I don’t think I had ever even thought of a joint as a thing at all. They found a very decent Advanced Hip & Joint Complex that we were regularly giving the dog. And you know what, it worked really well. As much as I felt happy, I also felt a little sad. The way she was moving so happily made me think she must have been dealing with that pain for quite a while. I thought she was just old, it’s what my mom told me. She might have just been in pain. I have a lot of both happy and sad stories with her, maybe I’ll write more about her at some point.

Love Sarah

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