Life List: Buy a Pair of Cats Eye Glasses

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Check 🙂 Aren’t they cute? I won them in a competition on Hayley’s blog so while I technically didn’t buy them I’m still ticking this off. I’m actually hoping that this will be the last year that I wear glasses, bring on the laser eye surgery in 2015!

If anyone is wondering they’re Victoria in Marmalade by London Retro, and were kindly provided by My Optique. Thanks so much you guys!

2 thoughts on “Life List: Buy a Pair of Cats Eye Glasses

  1. Wow they look great on you! I’ve always been tempted to get a pair like this but I’m worried they might be a little bit on the nose for a library assistant 😛

    1. I wasn’t sure what these were going to end up like (ordering online is always a bit of a risk!) but I’m really pleased with them! 🙂

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