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Last week I ticked off one of my 30 for 30 goals (which was also a Life List goal): throw a Life List party! Inspired by Camp Mighty, I decided to create something on a slightly smaller scale…

The basic idea was that we would get a group of our friends together, have them teach each other skills and create Life Lists, and then try and tick a few goals off the lists if we could. It was so much fun – we ended up with 20 students and a crazy 25 classes, which is why I had to devise a timetable system to keep everything on track:

I also put together some goodie bags that had a notebook and pencil, a postcard, some stickers and some sweets for everyone to keep them going throughout the day. All of the tags said something nice on the reverse, because who wouldn’t want to read that, right? 🙂

Our decorations were…decidedly homemade. Ha. (Excuse the steaminess, it’s just because our windows are rubbish!)

It was a genuinely awesome weekend – people came from London and Cornwall to attend (including my mum and my aunt, which was ace) and everyone seemed to have a really good time – I was so proud of them all by the end!

It was really nice to see everyone embracing the Life List way of life too, hopefully they’ll all keep it up. We’re planning on making it an annual thing – next year we’ll be focusing more on completing goals while at the party (there wasn’t as much of that this year as I’d have liked).

I could write about this forever but I won’t because it would be boring to everyone but me, so I’ll just leave some pictures of the various classes. Thanks to Lou, Jen & Liz for taking them!

Jess tried her hand at learning some sewing basics, taught by my mum:

Rob taught a class on how to make macarons:

Jen taught a few of us the basics of singing and breathing – here’s Howard, Amy and Rob enjoying themselves immensely:

Rob also taught introductory German:

I taught a class in how to find more joy, using this awesome handout from Do What You Love:

We had class lists dotted around the house for people to refer to:

Mum also taught people how to make Cornish pasties (I’m pretty sure they were declared delicious!):

I taught Carrie, Catrin & Liz how to crochet (altho my lesson was somewhat haphazard..):

Sophie taught Jen how to crochet and was much better at it!:

I did however teach Sophie and Liz how to play the ukulele:

Amy taught two shorthand classes: (this says “thank you for teaching us”)

Jen also taught us how to read music:

Howard taught a class on how to use Photoshop:

Amy also taught people how to use their digital cameras:

and how to make cake pops (she’s multitalented, that one!):

& I taught two classes on how to write a Life List and how to be awesome at organising: 

Q also taught a few classes (basic guitar chords, intro to HTML & CSS and how to solve a rubik’s cube) but I don’t have photos of those, boo! I do however have this super cute video of Liz learning piano chords. Big thanks to Aaron for teaching PHP basics as well 🙂

Oh, and #ChongCat was there too. Of course.

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