Why I’m Shaving My Head For Charity

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A couple of years ago I had a friend called Lisa. She was funny, she was witty, she was a bit a lot of a ray of sunshine and she had cancer. Stupid,  bullshit, twatclacking* cancer.


She was my friend, and she had cancer, and then she went and bloody died, because cancer is a dick like that. Like, what the hell was it thinking? Didn’t it know how much we all wanted to keep her?

I was so angry that I lost this beautiful girl, so I can’t even begin to imagine how her family felt, her husband, her best friends. Even now, a year later, I still get upset and sad and really, deeply angry every time I think about it.


So. I’m shaving my head on August the 30th. It would have been Lisa’s 35 birthday, which I thought would be a nice tribute to her (& because any excuse to have a gin or four is okay by me). I’m also shaving my head because I think she’d have found it pretty funny (given that she was (self admittedly) incredibly fond of her locks), and I was always trying to make that girl laugh. 

My hair is pretty long right now. I haven’t had it cut since September 2012, and I’ll have another six months growth to add before the actual head shave date. For what it’s worth, I like my hair. A lot. It’s swishy and long enough to make a nice top knot, it’s a beautiful colour (probably the first time in my life I’ve ever said that, actually) and it makes me feel girly and, you know, pretty. Of course it does. I would like to find some accessories for my hair maybe  volumizers boubous for sale, will become my favorite volume base.

Do I think I’ll look good with a shaved head? Do I hell. I think, at best, I’ll look like a baked bean, at worst I’ll look like a boy. Does it matter? Does it fuck. Hair grows (mine grows especially quickly), friends, sadly, do not return from the dead. (Although actually, I’m a bit scared of zombies, so maybe for the better..? I digress…)

If doing this means I can raise some money for some amazing charities to help ensure that if it happens to any of you lot you might get a better chance of survival? Then I am all in. Ever since I got a job, I gave up gambling, but now I am thinking of making extra more money by playing games at Daisy slots to help charity. Let’s go.

I’m splitting any money raised between The Royal Marsden, where Lisa had her treatments, Trinity Hospice, who did their utter best to help her feel comfortable and Cancer Research because duh. So please, pleaseplease consider donating. £2, £5, £20. Whatever you can afford would be amazing – I want to raise as much as possible, for and in honour of Lisa.


& if, post shave, I end up looking half as hot as she did, post hair loss? I’m going to count it as a win.


Love you, miss you, think of you, bird. Always.

*a special one for all the Lisa fans there, heh.

7 thoughts on “Why I’m Shaving My Head For Charity

  1. it’s really tough to hear this, especially when it happened to someone not too far away from my age. Good on you though, shave that hair! Get it all off.

    I’ll bookmark this and come back in a few months and see, will donate to you too.

    Re cameras, cheers for the comment. You’ve got all sorts going on haven’t you. I usually shoot with Canon but the Lumix is ex impressive.

    Buckets & Spades

    1. Aw, thanks Matt! 🙂 I’m actually strangely looking forward to shaving it all off, ha. Will definitely post photos!

  2. wow! go you! so sad about your friend. Sure she would be very proud and grateful to you. Sure you won’t look like a baked bean.. and if you do, everyone loves baked beans x

    1. Aw, thanks for the vote of confidence, Trisha! (Just checked out your blog and love it, btw! Everything looks delicious :D)

  3. l love what you are doing saying and trying to get across. …. you are truly selfless person.
    I lost a precsious beautiful friend . She was small stong funny wise daft honest forgiving kind thoughtful ++++ I miss her so so much. So hear is to you !! you are fab..

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