Télégramme Magazine – Issue 7

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It’s that time of year again, and another issue of Télégramme has hit the virtual shelves. Not sure what Télégramme is? It’s a photography showcase magazine that I publish online every six months or so, as a way to stretch my creative wings and to shine a little more light on some beautiful photographs. You can find all the posts I’ve written on the subject here, if you’re so inclined. The first issue came out in 2010, which feels like a long time ago now. Sheesh.

Featuring some of my favourite people: (in alphabetical order to alleviate favourtism:) Alistair Watkins-Stuart, Anna Wilton, Dianne Tanner, Luiza Potiens and Marina Oprea – this issue is one of my favourites yet 🙂

If you’re a fan of Télégramme I’d love it if you would please considering sharing it. Tweet it, post it on Facebook, write a blog post about it – if you want the press pack images just let me know.

Pst. There’s also a mailing list to get advance notice of new issues, if you like that sort of thing. 

You can read issue 7 below. I hope you enjoy it.

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