Monthly Goals: August & September

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5 Goals for August [3/5]

  1. Cook 5 new recipes [5/5]
  2. Read 5 library books [5/5]
  3. Watch 5 of my 31 for 31 films [5/5]
  4. Finish the top secret project for Arthur’s birthday
  5. Complete the first draft of Télégramme

Oh, August. I had such grand plans for you but it didn’t quite work out like that. Sometimes these goals are a lesson in patience and failure, I find. I didn’t finish Télégramme (altho I did, at least, start it), I didn’t finish Arthur’s present and I did spent a lot of the time wound up like a spring, feeling frantic and decidedly un-zen. Not cool.

5 Goals for September [0/5]

  1. Read a Man Booker Prize winner
  2. Send two surprise gifts [0/2]
  3. Go on a bike ride
  4. Finish my 100 cheese list [96/100]
  5. Relax!

So, September’s goals are a little easier (which is helpful since we’re already a third of the way through the month.) Read a book, ride my bike, eat some cheese. Sounds doable, right? Sometimes I forget to slow down so this month is all about remembering that life is not a race. I’m just gonna leave this here…

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