#BuzzCutChong – Two Months On

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buzzcutchong head shave Photo courtesy of Amy Davies
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It’s been two months (and a few days) since I shaved my head for charity – can you believe that? Time. Flies. I thought people might like to see the progress that it’s making, so here are a few quick shots of it growing! Apologies if we follow each other on Instagram, you’ve already seen these my friends 😉

+ 0

Head shave day! It was shaved to a number 1, so it was pretty damn short. In fact, I think my eyebrows were longer than my hair which is a pretty weird thought, actually.

+ 4 days

On bald days we wear pink.

+ 1 week

There was a small triangular patch at the front that started to grow back in a different colour, which was pretty weird. Heh.

+ 3 weeks

Jen had a unicorn party so I sprayed my head with glitter and rocked it.

+ 1 month

At this point it was starting get fluffy, but I still couldn’t really point it in any direction and have it stay there.

+ 6 weeks

At six weeks you take gratuitous selfies, apparently, because you can barely see my hair in this, ha. The different coloured section turned into a strange cow-lick, because that’s always fun for everyone.

+ 2 months

& this is where I’m at now! 🙂 It’s just starting to get to the stage where I can manipulate it, and if I move around a lot in my sleep then it sticks up like a fluffy baby bird in the morning. It looks kinda tall in this photo, I think I have a tendency to mohawk it with my fingers subconsciously, ha.

I’m excited to see how it moves on from here, it’s pretty much at the point now where it looks like a deliberate haircut choice, heh. Next stop, pixie cut!

2 thoughts on “#BuzzCutChong – Two Months On

  1. Oh – this is amazing! I never thought about the process of growing hair, it looks good! I’m so keen to get my hair cut short and shaggy, but now I’m thinking short and cropped might be fun too 🙂

    1. Hey, thanks Elly! I’ve have pixie cuts before but never really documented the growing out process, so I thought this might be fun 🙂 (Plus when I googled around before I shaved my head I couldn’t really find anything, lol).

      I’m a big fan of short hair – so little maintenance! – give it a shot! 🙂

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