2014 – A Year in Review

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2014 is done – whoo! It was an interesting year for me – my first full year of freelance, our first full year in the house. I made some new friends, lost touch with some old ones and cut some ties that had been weighing me down for a while. I feel like 2014 was the first year where I panicked less and enjoyed more, so that’s pretty awesome.

I read 171 books, watched 120 films, completed my colour 365, took two flights and built nine websites. I also shaved my head, got laser eye surgery and put on almost two stone. Oops.

Here’s a mini review of the year, via Instagram which is basically where I post all my photos now that I’ve quit Facebook. This will be quick, I promise (ish!).


We went paleo for a month in January, and it was pretty fun.
I got a new tattoo that I’ve wanted for ages – Marc John’s ‘seek out the joy’ print
We held the first Life List Party and it was amazing.


We had all the windows replaced, and added french doors to our dining room. Best decision ever!
#Chongcat smashed my favourite lamp. I was not amused.


Q & I took a quick trip to Gloucester. It was…small!
We hosted our first Team Chong Supperclub.
I started to crochet a blanket for my nephew.
I got to briefly meet the wonderful Amber Marlow. She was a doll!
I went on a roadrip with my Mum and Amy to Wells, Stonehenge and Salisbury.


First picnic of the year! 🙂
I finally got to go to the Harry Potter Studio tours, with Liz and Amy. They had owls, it was brilliant.
& we briefly considered putting #chongcat up for sale after he broke another lamp.


We did a bit of demolition and removed the fugly built in wardrobes.
We went to Italy for a week to hang out with Rob.
I acquired a sewing machine.
& we went to our first murder mystery party (I was the murderer!)
We went to the Boring Conference in London (which was way more fun than it sounds)
& we got to see Matilda, which was as magical as everyone promised it would be.


Remember that blanket I started? Here it is! The first thing I ever crocheted.
I turned 31! We went to play laserquest, to celebrate 🙂
I went horse riding with Liz, to help her complete her “21 new things in 2014” challenge.
& Q and I went to our first rooftop cinema experience!


The owl jumper began.
My attempts at chocolate chip cookies were a fail, as always!
But my lovely mum did teach me how to make jam! (This was rhubarb and it was delicious).
Rainbow Rowell came to town – she gave a really interesting talk, signed my books and I met some really sweet people in the queue! 🙂


I FINALLY got to meet Dianne, who was as awesome as promised.
We went to Cornwall for the day to babysit my nephew. He likes trains, ha.
I had laser eye surgery. No more glasses!
I learnt how to french braid my hair!
& then I shaved my head, nbd 😉 I raised over £3000 for charity in the process which was pretty amazing.
Life long dream to pet a tiny owl = complete.


We went to Bluestone for our two year wedding anniversary, which included a stop at the beach for ice-cream 🙂
I organised a conference for 160 attendees, which was an illuminating experience!
Jen had a unicorn party for her birthday, so I covered my head in glitter for the night. It was awesome.
We finally got our butts in gear to finish the office.


9 of our friends came to stay, and we went to visit Caerphilly Castle in the rain.
Fun new wall art for the price of a £4 pack of card. Score!
We bought a super cute lampshade and spent two hours trying to work out how to install it. No joke.
Buying a breadmachine = home made gluten free bread from now on.
We FINALLY got some wedding photos printed, two years after getting married. This one was our favourite 😉


We went to Devon for the weekend to celebrate my mum’s 60th birthday. I took zero photos but did come back with homemade, wheat free scones. Love you, Mum.
I played squash for the first time! It was hard, but super fun.
I switched to the dark side and dropped my iPhone for an Android 😉
Wahaca opened in Cardiff – whoo!
& I managed to find a gluten free Christmas Sandwich, i.e. my most favourite time of the year ever.


We went with Liz and Luke to watch the ice hockey for the first time, which was simultaneously hilarious and surreal.
I attempted to not swear for a day. I made it until 6pm, ha.
I accidentally bought some beautiful, yellow Le Creuset saucepans.
My BFF bought me the best gift ever.
Christmas Day was wonderful, and culminated with a side splitting session of Cards Against Humanity.
& we saw in the New Year by toasting with a Ferrero Rocher at midnight! 🙂

Phew. 2014 was a good year for me, especially in terms of the amount of opportunities I was given to appreciate it. Here’s to another joyous 12 months!

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