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Who: Maggie!


Why: I love the way Maggie turns a phrase. She’s insightful, fun to read and inspirational in thousands of tiny ways. I mean, obviously I adore her for introducing me to the idea of the Life List, but mostly I like Maggie Mason because she’s really the kind of woman I aspire to be. Kind, strong, wonderful.

My favourite posts:

Life List How To: One Way to Start

I realized how many things I genuinely love that I rarely do. For example, I thought about times I’d experienced joy, and I kept coming back to swimming. I particularly love swimming in natural bodies of water, and I almost never do it. This is ridiculous because we have a cabin a block from a river. Apparently I’ve been denying myself joy because it’s too much of a pain. Joy gets too much sand in the car.

Buddha in the Attic by Julie Otsuka

I pulled it from the shelf of a bookshop in Seattle, read the first page, continued reading to the counter, read it from the register, down the stairs, ran into the doorjamb, and kept reading up the street.

Don’t Be Rude, Part II, Relationships

Because, my love, upfront is painful when you’re on the receiving end. It’s easier to give a persistent fellow your number and ignore a ringing phone than it is to tell him that he’s old enough to be your father.


So instead of waiting for answers that seek to diminish our common humanity, let’s to turn to one another and reaffirm it. None of us is helpless. We can help just by being good to each other, maybe a little better than usual.

Packing Light: Palm Springs, Maternity Edition

I try to pack PJs I can wear out if I need to, and these are good by the pool. For romping.

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