2015 Goals: March Round-Up

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I thought I’d do a monthly round-up of how my resolutions are going, as a way to encourage me to stay on track and plan goals, rather than leaving everything to the last minute! Here’s my March round-up. 

Progress Made – March

  • 200 sugar free days: 20 (54/200)
Nakd bars are basically getting me through this. £37 for 98 bars!

I made a good dent in this one this month and I’m on target for the rest of the year. We’ve got rid of the majority of the sugary crap in our house now, so it’s far easier not to mindless snack on it! 🙂

  • Exercise 52 times: 10 (49/52)
My very red face after doing the first run of the Couch to 5K programme.

March was bad for exercise – the weather made me want to hibernate and ignore everything so that’s pretty much what I did. I did go on a few walks and I did the first run from the Couch to 5K programme, but overall it was pretty lacklustre and I could have done better!

  • Clear my ‘to read’ shelf: 1 (/34)

Um. Paper books are boring to read when you have a Kindle, apparently. Holding books open with two hands? Urgh. I managed to read one book from my to-read shelf but I actually read the Kindle version of it, ha, which I’m pretty sure is cheating. Also, I bought more books. Oops.

  • Read 100 books: 7 (32/100)

March was a poor month for reading in general actually, but that’s okay, I can’t read 31 books every month. Sometimes it ebbs and flows, right?

  • Watch 100 films: 15 (37/100)

I’ve started watching films on Netflix while I work so my film count was pretty decent this month (the film quality, however, not so much. Ha).

  • Watch 26 films at the cinema: 3 (7/26)

We saw Big Hero 6, X + Y and Focus at the cinema. Focus was only so so but Big Hero 6 and X + Y were wonderful. See them if you can.

  • Weigh no more at the end of the year than I did at the start: -4lbs (-6lbs overall)

In a totally boring turn of events I’ve started a calorie controlled diet and it’s working. Yawn. I mean, that’s great and all but by god is it dull.

Push against my comfort zone

Did I do this in March? I don’t know, actually. I went to some doctors appointments that I didn’t really want to go to, and had a few frank conversations with people but, eh. It was a minimal effort at best.

Spend less at the supermarket than we did in 2014

£41 of food that only cost us £7.80. God bless you, Morrisons and your barmy 9p reductions.

So far we’ve slashed what we spent last year from an average of £274 a month to £156 a month. Go us! Now we just have to keep it up, heh.

Be kind!

I sent out a few surprise packages this month which was fun for me and hopefully nice for the recipients.

Be productive!

This wonky cutting became a pair of pyjamas!

I made progress on the 31 for 31 list this month, ticking off one big item (sew something I can wear) and doing a lot of work on a few others. So yeah, I’m going to count this as achieved this month!

Knitting the owl sweater. Still.

No Progress Made

Finish the library

Carpenters apparently aren’t fond of replying to follow up emails. Who knew! We did get rid of the dark bookcase we had stashed in the corner, but other than that the library is still languishing, half finished. Sigh!

Build a WordPress theme

The less said about this the better, I think. Moving on!

Have more patience

Oh lord, I don’t know what’s happening but I think I’ve actually been less patient this month than before. I’m losing my temper a lot, snapping and stressed by all manner of things. So. That’s super fun.


How are you all getting on with your New Year’s Resolutions? Are you finding your enthusiasm for them is starting to wain or are you still raring to go? I think I could do with some renewed motivation for April! 🙂

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