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Pay it Forward is a blog series where I pay forward the love to one of my favourite blogs. So far, we’ve featured Maggie, Daniel, Dianne and Amber! This week, it’s the turn of Allie from Be Up & Doing.

Who: Allie!


Why: Allie’s blog is beautiful. It’s actually one of the few sites that I click through when I read my Feedly list, because her site is just so damned good looking. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a designer, of course. She’s also an experimenter, a thinker and a do-er, my favourite combo! I love her blog, it’s full of practical advice and tips while also serving up a side of wanderlust and inspiration.

If you like sassy, in-charge women then Allie is the girl for you. She’s ace.

My favourite posts:

How I simplified my wardrobe

“I’ve been referencing my wardrobe simplification for a couple months and I’m excited to finally share how I approached the whole process! While I’m still not 100% there yet – I’ve made huge changes and am proud of myself for getting rid of so much JUNK.”

On making yourself better

“Busy shouldn’t be glorified. 80-100 hour work weeks is embarrassing. Being unorganized + chaotic steps from a deeper issue.”

You can get ahold of me…

” “Oh wow, I’m so popular,” I’ll think to myself. But seriously I’ll pause whatever I was sketching or writing to tend to these messages. After fifteen minutes, I’ll have handled everything. I look back up and they’ve all replenished (because, go figure, people respond) and I’ll cry a little on the inside. Because I’m so distracted, I’ll get on Twitter or start online shipping.


Early mornings

A lot of times we’re constantly told that we need to wake up, meditate without falling asleep and then BECOME PRODUCTIVE ASAP!

For those of you who know me at all, you know that I’m a night owl. For about a decade I’ve been staying up until 2-3am and then allowing myself a semi/decent night’s sleep. If you’re at all living in the professional world, you know that waking up at 10 or 11am doesn’t really cut it. By then, the entire world has been chugging along for quite some time. You wake up to an ungodly amount of emails, you feel behind and you begin your day feeling rushed.

A heart full of sun

I’ve discovered that I hate shivering when I get out of the shower and I don’t particularly love the drafts coming through the cracks in my door when it’s -8 degrees. I never want to leave the house and I just eat french fries to ease the pain. I

You can also follow Allie on Twitter & Instagram, if that’s your thing.

If you’ve got suggestions of people that you think I’ll love please let me know, I’m always looking for new blogs to follow! 🙂

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