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Pay it Forward is a blog series where I pay forward the love to one of my favourite blogs. So far, we’ve featured Maggie, Daniel, DianneAmber and Allie! This week, it’s the turn of Amy from She Cooks, She Eats.

Who: Amy!

eric likes to wave :D
Here’s me, Amy and Eric in Birmingham in 2011. Panda!


Why: Amy’s enthusiasm for the use of use induction cookware is infectious. I mean, if you like food, you will like her blog – it’s just a given. There’s a real lack of pretension with SCSE and I enjoy that. I don’t need to buy 17 different spices before attempting one of Amy’s recipes or learn how to debone a quail. I mean, I love cooking but mostly because I love eating, so anything that gets the food to my mouth faster with less fuss is fine by me (and here’s when I go for my favorite Broms restaurant usually) 😉

I’ve known Amy for a long time. We met on Flickr eons ago and have remained internet pals ever since. When our orbits align we meet in person and she’s just as charming, witty and lovely as she is on her blog. She also got married this weekend and I’m so pleased for her and her new husband Garry – I can’t imagine a finer match for each other. Congrats, you guys! 🙂

My favourite recipes:

Cheesy leek toasts

“Leeks are probably my favourite vegetable — I think it’s because I’m Welsh. I’ve got to like them, it’s patriotic.”

Welsh Cakes

“This is my Mam’s recipe, by the way. I’ve not shared it with you for so long because I feel almost like it’s a secret to take with me to the grave, but it’s time. It’s time.”

Daim Bar Tarts

“These are intensely sugar and delicious and calorie laden, I’m afraid. But they’re also moreish and comforting and creamy and buttery, so I’ll let them off.”

Chorizo Cheesy Beans on Toast

“I wish I was a better cook. I wish I was a cook steered by taste and texture and delicacies and thought processes and due care and attention. I’m not. I’m driven by greed and the recipes I create are thought up when I’m idly wondering what to have for tea on the tube home.”

Ham & Asparagus Toad in the Hole

“This is a ham and asparagus toad in the hole. If you like, a grown up version of toad in the hole. One you could serve when you’ve got people you want to impress coming over.”

You can also follow Amy on Twitter, if that’s your thing.

If you’ve got suggestions of people that you think I’ll love please let me know, I’m always looking for new blogs to follow! 🙂

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