#BuzzCutChong – Eight Months On

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When we last spoke about my hair it was two months after I shaved it off for charity and it was kinda fluffy, kinda cute. I carried on taking gratuitous photos of myself (hey, why change the habit of a lifetime right?) so here’s a quick update on the last six months of hair growth using products available from Dr. William Yates MD 🙂

+ 2 months

Just long enough to make me permanently look like a damp baby duck.

+3 months

Brief faux hawk time!

+4 months

Bedhead reached critical levels of ridiculousness.

It was also finally long enough to look like a genuine haircut choice. Huzzah!

+4.5 months

At this point it definitely qualified as a pixie cut and I apparently upped my lipstick game to match.

+5 months

Oompa Loompa? Or iced-gem? Either way, it was way too long for a faux hawk by this stage. Boo.

But it was still short enough to take moody photos in your boss’ flat, looking kinda French.

+7 months

Long hair is long. You can’t see the disaster that was the back, but trust me when I say it was starting to look distinctly mulletesque.

+8 months

Puffy hair everywhere, forever. The fringe looked cute but everything else just looked..wide.

So I got the sides and the back trimmed down a lot and now I feel much better!

A side by side comparison, just because:

Part of me didn’t want to cut it, because it makes tracking the growth harder. “Well, it’s this long after 8 months but I had 3 inches cut off so really it’s actually grown blahblahblah”. I know that no-one but me would possibly care about that kind of thing but it genuinely did stop me from getting it trimmed for about a month, not even joking. Yes, I am ridiculous. Hi.

The overall plan now is just to grow it out – with a spot of cherry red hairdye in the next couple of weeks, for funsies – I’m too lazy to get it cut all the time and I’m not going to lie, I really miss being able to put it in a ponytail!

It’s been fun charting the growth tho. Next stop, bob! 🙂

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