31 for 31/Life List: Swim in a Lido

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Ah, this was such a fun one to tick off! Swimming outdoors is my number one joy and I hardly ever get to do it. There’s something so calming about being in the water and being able to feel the sun on your skin, no?

I added ‘swim in a lido’ to my Life List a little while ago – I knew there was one in Bristol but I had the vague idea that there would be one closer to home, after all, who doesn’t want to swim outdoors?

Turns out the people of Cardiff clearly don’t because there isn’t a lido for miles around (altho they’re redeveloping one in Pontypridd which is re-opening in September) so off I trotted to Bristol instead. I mean, in all honesty it wasn’t that much of a hardship, I got to hang out with Hayles which is always fun and the train journey there was totes easy.

So, Clifton Lido! At £20 a pop for non-members it’s not exactly budget friendly, but it’s a pretty cute place and the staff were charming and friendly throughout. Getting back into the pool after being in the hot tub was an error in hindsight tho – the pool was only 25°C and it was bloody freezing, ha.

While it’s a shame the weather was cloudy and grey (it threatened to rain but didn’t, boo) I still had a lovely time splashing about and chatting about blogging and boys with Hayley. If Cardiff had one of these I’d be in it every day. Who do I petition to get that started?

Swim in a lido was one of my Life List goals. See my full list here!

1 thought on “31 for 31/Life List: Swim in a Lido

  1. The Lido is lovely! I’ve never swum there but I’ve had breakfast and drinks in the bar (very prettily lit at night), and we had our work Christmas do at the restaurant last year. I used to live just down the road and walk by all the time – I miss that!
    I have swum at Portishead Lido – I got impatient waiting for my gym pool to go to lanes and ran off to Portishead! Then I discovered why one doesn’t normally go swimming alone – what does a lone adult do in a pool apart from lengths? I drifted about and did wonky widths and it was heavenly.

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