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Well gosh, hasn’t it been a long time since I completed my 31 for 31. I fell off the blogging wagon big time and I’m still not really sure why. In general life has been pretty stable but my motivation for all things has been lacking of late and it’s starting to show in every facet.

Still. As good Mr Frost says, the only way out is through, right? I wrote this waaaay back in June and it’s bothered me ever since that I didn’t get around to posting it, so here you go. 31 things I did to celebrate being 31, presented without commentary because if I have to write something about each one it will never, never get published.

Re-set / Re-align / Re-start

Here’s to trying to climb out of ruts.

1. Make my own jam Completed 11th July 2014 

2. Get my eyes lasered Completed 11th August 2014

3. Host a Team Chong Supper Club to raise money for the head shave Completed 17th August 2014

4. Learn how to French braid my hair Completed 27th August 2014

5. Shave my head for charity Completed 30th August 2014

6. Donate my hair Completed 30th August 2014


7. Finish my 100 cheeses Completed 6th September 2014

8. Give blood at least once Completed 6th October 2014

9. Eat at 12 new places in Wales Completed 10th October 2014

10.Read a Man Booker prize winner Completed 20th November 2014

11. Finish the Top Secret Project for Arthur Completed 2nd December 2014

12. Re-watch 31 of my favourite films Completed 10th December 2014

13. learn how to make delicious gluten free cookies Completed 14th January 2015

14. No swearing for a day Completed 2nd February 2015

15. Visit another European country / tick off another continent Completed 11th February 2015

16. Swim a length under water Completed 12th February 2015

17. Read 31 more books I’ve been meaning to read forever Completed 6th March 2015

18. Sew something I can wear Completed 21st March 2015

19. Donate to 31 charities Completed 9th April 2015

20. Send 31 surprise gifts Completed 18th April 2015

21. Take a ballet class Completed 23rd April 2015

22. Finally Knit that owl sweater Completed 26th April 2015

23. Go UV bowling Completed 2nd May 2015

24. Get the EE Cummings & Grace quotes printed for our wall Completed 8th May 2015

25. Print our family cookbook Completed 7th June 2015

26. Complete the British Sign Language online course Completed 9th June 2015

27. Be debt free Completed 12th June 2015

28. Swim in a lido Completed 12th June 2015

29. Take the same walk every month & photograph the changes Completed 14th June 2015

30. Complete Couch to 5K Completed 16th June 2015

31. Throw the 2nd annual Life List Party Completed 20th June 2015

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