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Sometimes life is hard. Bad things happen that are out of your control and you have to deal with the fallout and consequences arising from it, whether it was your bad decision making that got you to that point or not.

I’m in a particularly difficult stage of my life right now, and while I’m dealing with that I’ve found that most social media is just *~too damn much~*. Especially with the panic of Trump, a snap election, terror attacks – my brain can’t deal with everything. I’ve always found Instagram to be the gentlest social media, and lately I’ve found it’s the only one easing my anxiety instead of contributing to it.

If you’re struggling with something hard and want a little downtime, here are 6 accounts that I’ve been enjoying lately. Sometimes you just need a little time out.

Chuck Draws Things

Nothing crazy, just a ‘lil confident pigeon. I like the disconnected eyes the most.

Keeping Colours

From my pal Dianne, this account is so soothing.

Miranda Tacchia

Miranda has a knack for capturing nuanced expressions and I love her style. The captions are always perfect.

Eloise Renouf

Soothing, uncomplicated patterns. Sometimes things with no context are the easiest to digest.

Beth Evans

If you’re anxious, depressed, nervous or an over thinker, Beth Evans is a great account to follow. Feel less alone with your thoughts.

Pinch Me I’m Pink

All pink, all the time. Get your millennial pink fix, innit.

Do what you need to bring a little order, calm and clarity into your life. Even if that means just putting down all your heavy shit and zoning out for 5 minutes, you know?

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  1. Aw, I’m so pleased you are enjoying keeping colours!!! Thanks for including it. Also yes, Instagram is the last refuge in these troubled times. x

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