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Friday Thanks

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Dear crosswords,

Thanks for making me appreciate words, and for giving me something where I can see myself improving. You’re tricksy and I am terrible at you (still) but that just makes it more rewarding when I finally complete you, so thanks for continuing to be a challenge.



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2014 Resolutions: Colour 365

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One of my 2014 resolutions was to complete a colour 365, so I thought I’d do a quick update on how it’s going.

Today is day 98 and (so far) I haven’t missed a day – huzzah! I’m definitely enjoying the project – it’s encouraging me to use my camera(s) more and is having the added bonus of making me hunt out more colours in the real world, which is kind of fun.

So, how am I getting on? First up was pale blue, in January:

This wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be – being able to take photos of the sky was always helpful and it turned out that we had a lot more pale blue items in the house than I thought we did. The biggest challenge was avoiding pale blue items that were a bit too close to turquoise, since that was February’s colour.

I knew going in that we had a lot (a lot) of turquoise stuff in our house, so it was surprising how much this month felt like a struggle. Still, I managed to get it done and while they’re not all amazing photos, I don’t think any of them are supremely terrible. Unlike dark blue…

Oh, dark blue. Some of these photos are not awesome, which is a shame – more than once it got to 11pm before I remembered about taking my photo and we all know that artificial light is not often the best situation for photography. Oh well, onwards and upwards!

We’re out of the blues now and into dark green for April. Next month is regular green and then (yay!) it’ll be June which means yellow. In case you haven’t worked it out, I’m kind of a fan of yellow, plus June is my birthday month so I think that’ll make it extra fun.

It’s never too late to join in (365s are cyclical, you don’t have to start on the 1st of January to be able to complete a whole year). There’s a Flickr group for it, too, if you want to see everyone else’s progress :)

Monthly Goals: March & April

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5 Goals for March [4/5]

  1. Zero Facebook comments, likes or posts
  2. Leave 100 blog comments [100/100]
  3. Post 5 recipes on Yum Chong! [5/5]
    1. Artichoke tapenade
    2. Smoked mackerel pate
    3. Pickled cucumbers
    4. Feta & lemon dip
    5. Feta, white bean, pea & mint salad with honey & basil dressing
  4. Make my own cheese
  5. Do at least one stage on Duolingo, 6 days out of 7  [26/27]

I did pretty well on my 5 goals for March. I missed one day of Duolingo (curses!) but otherwise passed with flying colours :) It felt so good to avoid Facebook that I actually deactivated my account yesterday. Be gone, Zuckerberg! (Of course, I’m still using Instagram but that doesn’t feel as creepy, somehow? We’ll see how it changes.)

Onto April! My 31st birthday is drawing ever nearer, so I’ve added in a couple of goals from my 30 for 30 like Arthur’s blanket and the lovely notes, otherwise I know I’m going to run out of time to complete them. I actually managed to have a picnic in a new park on April 1st, which felt very efficient, heh.

5 Goals for April [1/5]

  1. Have a picnic in a new Cardiff park
  2. Leave 10 lovely notes [0/10]
  3. Crochet 3 stripes on Arthur’s blanket [1/3]
  4. Plant some seeds for the garden
  5. Finish the “Build a Simple PHP Application” stage on Treehouse.

I’m enjoying these goals – I just need to get in the habit now of carrying on previous good efforts (I haven’t written any letters since I hit my 30, or done any meditation. Oops.) Still – it all helps, right?

Grace in Small Things

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  • Orange squash
  • Phone chargers
  • Capital letters
  • Cute babies
  • Silly cat noises

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Grace in Small Things

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  • Learning to code
  • Playing video games all day
  • A trip to a new city
  • Banana pancakes
  • Working from the hammock

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Télégramme Magazine – Issue 7

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mailchimp 6

It’s that time of year again, and another issue of Télégramme has hit the virtual shelves. Not sure what Télégramme is? It’s a photography showcase magazine that I publish online every six months or so, as a way to stretch my creative wings and to shine a little more light on some beautiful photographs. You can find all the posts I’ve written on the subject here, if you’re so inclined. The first issue came out in 2010, which feels like a long time ago now. Sheesh.

Featuring some of my favourite people: (in alphabetical order to alleviate favourtism:) Alistair Watkins-Stuart, Anna Wilton, Dianne Tanner, Luiza Potiens and Marina Oprea – this issue is one of my favourites yet :)

If you’re a fan of Télégramme I’d love it if you would please considering sharing it. Tweet it, post it on Facebook, write a blog post about it – if you want the press pack images just let me know.

Pst. There’s also a mailing list to get advance notice of new issues, if you like that sort of thing. 

You can read issue 7 below. I hope you enjoy it.

Why I’m Shaving My Head For Charity

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A couple of years ago I had a friend called Lisa. She was funny, she was witty, she was a bit a lot of a ray of sunshine and she had cancer. Stupid,  bullshit, twatclacking* cancer.


She was my friend, and she had cancer, and then she went and bloody died, because cancer is a dick like that. Like, what the hell was it thinking? Didn’t it know how much we all wanted to keep her?

I was so angry that I lost this beautiful girl, so I can’t even begin to imagine how her family felt, her husband, her best friends. Even now, a year later, I still get upset and sad and really, deeply angry every time I think about it.


So. I’m shaving my head on August the 30th. It would have been Lisa’s 35 birthday, which I thought would be a nice tribute to her (& because any excuse to have a gin or four is okay by me). I’m also shaving my head because I think she’d have found it pretty funny (given that she was (self admittedly) incredibly fond of her locks), and I was always trying to make that girl laugh.

My hair is pretty long right now. I haven’t had it cut since September 2012, and I’ll have another six months growth to add before the actual head shave date. For what it’s worth, I like my hair. A lot. It’s swishy and long enough to make a nice top knot, it’s a beautiful colour (probably the first time in my life I’ve ever said that, actually) and it makes me feel girly and, you know, pretty. Of course it does.

Do I think I’ll look good with a shaved head? Do I hell. I think, at best, I’ll look like a baked bean, at worst I’ll look like a boy. Does it matter? Does it fuck. Hair grows (mine grows especially quickly), friends, sadly, do not return from the dead. (Although actually, I’m a bit scared of zombies, so maybe for the better..? I digress…)

If doing this means I can raise some money for some amazing charities to help ensure that if it happens to any of you lot you might get a better chance of survival? Then I am all in. Let’s go.

I’m splitting any money raised between The Royal Marsden, where Lisa had her treatments, Trinity Hospice, who did their utter best to help her feel comfortable and Cancer Research because duh. So please, pleaseplease consider donating. £2, £5, £20. Whatever you can afford would be amazing – I want to raise as much as possible, for and in honour of Lisa.


& if, post shave, I end up looking half as hot as she did, post hair loss? I’m going to count it as a win.


Love you, miss you, think of you, bird. Always.

*a special one for all the Lisa fans there, heh.

Monthly Goals: February & March Update

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February is done – blimey! Here’s a recap of the goals I set for myself, and how I did this month.

5 Goals for February [4/5]

  1. See a comedy show
  2. Do 5 days of the 30 Day Shred [5/5]
  3. Finish my portfolio site
  4. Read the remaining books on my ‘30 books I’ve always wanted to read‘ list [4/7]
  5. Make the time to actively keep in touch with friends and family

So, I mostly did well, but I fell down on getting my 30 for 30 books finished, they were were longer than I thought! Still, at least I made a big dent in the pile (and I’m only 60 pages off finishing another one), so I should definitely be able to get the remaining two finished before June :)

5 Goals for March [0/5]

  1. Zero Facebook comments, likes or posts*
  2. Leave 100 blog comments [17/100]
  3. Post 5 recipes on Yum Chong! [0/5]
  4. Make my own cheese
  5. Do at least one stage on Duolingo, 6 days out of 7  [0/27]

*I decided to exclude messages from this, but will aim to only reply and not to initiate contact through Facebook where possible.

March is going to be an interesting month I think – we’ve got quite a few plans, especially at the weekends, plus the next issue of Télégramme is due out and I’ve got a fair bit of freelance work on, so I’m going to have to be careful with my time management if I want to get everything done.

If you’re setting goals for this month too let me know, I’d love to read them! :)

Grace in Small Things

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  • Writing letters
  • Perfumes that smell like weather
  • Fudge
  • Old episodes of our favourite shows
  • Coming in from the rain

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Friday Thanks

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Dear WordPress,

Thank you for encouraging developers to create such beautiful themes. It’s always inspiring to be able to put a fresh lick of digital paint on something, especially when it costs nada. Gracias!



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