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Festive Fancies

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Alternatively titled: I’d like to be a Christmas pudding, please.

I don’t know where this (what can only reasonably be called an) obsession came from. Honestly. I like Christmas pudding but it’s not my favourite part about Christmas by a long shot. All of a sudden tho the shops seem to be full of amazing novelty goods and more than anything they are full of Christmas puddings and I want in.

So I thought I’d put together a little list of the favourite pudding related items I’ve found, in case you fancied getting in on a slice of the action with me. Let’s be pudding chums together!

First up, this gorgeous set found on Etsy. Sigh. Etsy is the best for all things gift related, I’ve found. Most of my Christmas stuff has come from there this year! Christmas pudding brooch: £7 & earrings: £6 from Ginger Pickle


Next up, an amazing Christmas pudding scarf: £7.99 & hoodie: £10 from New Look. Confession: I bought this hoodie the other day (at full price although it’s now in the sale, curses!) it’s so snuggly I might never take it off. Except that would be disgusting, so maybe I should buy two so I always have one to wear…? No…?

Everyone knows I am a magpie for sparkles, so it should be no surprise that this Christmas pudding hair clip: £13 from Janine Basil is right up my sparkly, glittery street.

Christmas pudding socks: £4.99 from ASOS. Novelty socks! Yay!

I actually won one of these amazing christmas pudding necklaces: £15 from Black Heart Creatives. It’s massive! (As Hayley put when I sent her a photo of it “go big or go home”. Quite.)

Q & I decided to start a new family Christmas tradition: new matching Christmas jumpers every year. I’ve got the hoodie (above) and he’s going to grab this bad boy. Christmas pudding jumper: £14 from ASDA Direct. We will match and it will be glorious and people will think we are weird and I simply Will. Not. Care.

& last but not least I’d really like a pair of these Christmas pudding slippers: £10 from ASDA Direct.

PHEW. See – aren’t they all amazing? Don’t you want to be a pudding now, too? #TeamPUDDING 2013!


Grace in Small Things

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  • Good hosting companies*!
  • Finishing something you started
  • Learning new words
  • Making holiday plans
  • Finally framing photos

See the whole list here


*This is an affiliate link, which means it benefits me if you buy a product from these guys. But hey – I’m hosting with them, so they must be pretty sweet, right?

30 for 30: Take A Pole Dancing Class

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Ticking off this goal was doubly special as it was on my 30 for 30 list and my Life List. (I added it to my 30 for 30 as motivation to do it, really – it worked surprisingly well!)

It’s been on my mind for a long time as something I’d like to try, but all the people I know who already do it are skinny minxes with six packs and frightening resolve – neither of which I possess. I was this close to chickening out (a million times, I swear) but I managed to rope a friend into coming last minute (THANK YOU JEN) and we mustered up the courage to get changed into tiny shorts and attempt to spin our stuff.

Look ma! One hand!

Honestly, it was so much fun. No one laughed when we couldn’t do stuff, I didn’t get any serious bruises and even with the minimal amount I was able to do my arms were still aching enough the following day to consider it a real workout. I wrote more about this goal at Go Mighty, so if you want to read more of my rambling about it you can see the story here :)

Grace in Small Things

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  • Crunching through leaves
  • Salted caramel candles
  • Bright red lipstick
  • Cwtches from #ChongCat
  • Movie marathons at the cinema

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Friday Thanks

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Dear WordPress,

Thanks for constantly challenging me. Sometimes the first impression you give is that you’re a bit of a jerk, but the more I get to know you the more I like you. Thanks for encouraging me to give second chances.



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5 Lovely Things From Peris & Corr

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This is the fifth post in my “5 Lovely Things…” series. This time I’m showcasing Peris & Corr :)

Peris & Corr are a Welsh Etsy shop, which I like because I live in Wales (which means I’m definitely not going to have to pay through the nose for shipping, hurrah!). It’s also cute because it has a few Welsh language items, which I think is nice. You don’t see it that often on Etsy, but I think that’ll change as the language continues to grow. I actually bought Q one of the Welsh Ideas Notebooks since he’s trying to re-teach himself! :)

They’re known for their screen printing and textiles, and always have something new in stock whenever I check in. They’ve got all their Christmas items in at the moment, super cute!

Side note: if anyone wants to buy me one of those cushions, I wouldn’t say no.

Organic Peacock Print Tote Bag – £8.27

Welsh Ideas Notebook – £3.28

Owl Screen Print – £25.44

Large Merry Christmas Decoration – £9.54


Fair Isle Linen Cushion – £38.79

As always, this isn’t a sponsored post – I just like the shop! :)

October Book Update

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01. RR Philip Pullman – The Amber Spyglass [30 for 30]
02. RR Maggie O’Farrell – The Hand That First Held Mine [30 for 30]
03. NEW David Mitchell – Ghostwritten [30 for 30]
04. RR Stephen King – Duma Key [30 for 30]
05. NEW Zadie Smith – NW [book club]
06. NEW John Green – The Fault In Our Stars [30 for 30]
07. RR Joe Dunthorne – Submarine [30 for 30]
08. NEW Scarlett Thomas – Our Tragic Universe [30 for 30]
09. RR Arthur Golden – Memoirs of a Geisha [30 for 30]

Oof, October felt like a short month. I started a lot of books but didn’t finish them, oops. I’ve mostly been plugging away at my 30 for 30 books, and am pretty close to finishing my lists. I think I should have one of them done by Christmas, certainly by the end of January they’ll be done and dusted. I have 13 books left to read from the two lists combined, which is fun. I’ve read so much since my birthday!

This month was a bit of a mixed bag – the re-reads were, as always, enjoyable – I don’t think I’ve adjusted any of the ratings that I gave originally, which is nice. It’s comforting to know that the books that I loved continue to stand up against a second read.

Ghostwritten was a little odd but I liked it (altho I do think the very, very last chapter was perhaps a bit out of place, but hey, what do I know, I’ve never written a book). Our Tragic Universe was my least favourite of the Scarlett Thomas book’s I’ve read so far – the ‘storyless story’ perhaps a genre that I’m not destined to enjoy. NW was a book club pick but not a stand out one for me to be honest. A little bland, a little “what’s the point?”. I know people rave about Zadie but I’m not sure if I’ll ever love her books.

The stand out for me this month was The Fault in Our Stars by John Green which was beautiful, funny and so, so readable. I devoured it in a day and a half and was sad for it to be over – always the best kind of book in my opinion.

I’m still working my way through my read 1000 new books for my Life List, I started tracking those in 2011 and I’m up to 209.

Want to see all the books I’ve read this year? I’m currently up to 99!

Grace in Small Things

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  • Slipper boots
  • Hair bands
  • Cwtches with kittens
  • A brand new razor
  • Freshly washed hair

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5 Goals for November

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I downloaded a cute app recently, called Balanced (which is currently free, whoop!) that tries to help you keep track of the little things you keep meaning to do but…don’t. It’s fairly versatile, which I like. I have things like drink water once a day, write a blog post once a week and swim twice a month, but you can put anything you like at whatever frequency you want.

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, and it’s definitely helping me to remember things, which is nice! For example: I know I should be drinking more water during the day but I always forget. Now Balanced pops up with a reminder to do it and marks you as late if you don’t – which I hate. Voila, I’m now drinking more water.

With that in mind, one of the things on my ‘balanced’ list is to “set goals” once  a month, so I’m going to try setting some easy, sustainable goals to try and move myself more towards the intentional life I’d like to be living.

5 Goals for November

  1. Take five walks
  2. Swim five times
  3. Read one commonly known ‘classic’ book
  4. Sleep before midnight 6 nights out of 7
  5. Write 5 letters

Yes, they might seem easy. That’s sort of the whole point. I want to be mindful, not a marathon runner. I know that I do little to no exercise at the moment, but I don’t think the way to change that is to pretend that I’m suddenly going to start going to the gym every day ;)

Instead I’m going to start small and hopefully build myself up to something bigger. Blah blah, yawn yawn. It’s nothing new but something is better than nothing – right?

Let’s see how I do!

If you want to know more about the app the website is here. I’m not sure if it’s available on Android, but it’s definitely available on iOS :)

Not a sponsored post – I just like the app a lot!

Grace in Small Things

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  • Trailers for films you’re dying to see
  • Cute snails
  • Getting films developed
  • Tote bags
  • Cushions

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