Ticking off this goal was doubly special as it was on my 30 for 30 list and my Life List. (I added it to my 30 for 30 as motivation to do it, really – it worked surprisingly well!) It’s been on my mind for a long time as something I’d like to try, but all the people I know who already do it are skinny minxes with six packs and frightening resolve – neither of which I possess. I was this close to chickening out (a…Continue Reading “30 for 30: Take A Pole Dancing Class”

Dear WordPress, Thanks for constantly challenging me. Sometimes the first impression you give is that you’re a bit of a jerk, but the more I get to know you the more I like you. Thanks for encouraging me to give second chances. Love Sarah See other Friday Thanks here or visit the original inspiration for the project here.

01. RR Philip Pullman – The Amber Spyglass [30 for 30] 02. RR Maggie O’Farrell – The Hand That First Held Mine [30 for 30] 03. NEW David Mitchell – Ghostwritten [30 for 30] 04. RR Stephen King – Duma Key [30 for 30] 05. NEW Zadie Smith – NW [book club] 06. NEW John Green – The Fault In Our Stars [30 for 30] 07. RR Joe Dunthorne – Submarine [30 for 30] 08. NEW Scarlett Thomas – Our Tragic Universe [30 for 30] 09. RR Arthur Golden – Memoirs of a Geisha [30 for 30] Oof, October felt like a…Continue Reading “October Book Update”

I downloaded a cute app recently, called Balanced (which is currently free, whoop!) that tries to help you keep track of the little things you keep meaning to do but…don’t. It’s fairly versatile, which I like. I have things like drink water once a day, write a blog post once a week and swim twice a month, but you can put anything you like at whatever frequency you want. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, and it’s definitely helping me to remember…Continue Reading “5 Goals for November”

One of the items on my Life List is make at least one meal from 25 different cuisines. I’m currently up to 20, and I’m stuck. (That photo is our Laksa Lemak recipe – it’s delicious and has become a staple at Chez Chong over the years) So far we’ve cooked: Belgian: Carbonnade of beef Chinese: Egg fried rice (& many others) Cuban: Lechon asado French: Tuna nicoise Greek: Feta and lamb burgers Hungarian: Pork paprika Indian: Lamb rogan josh curry Indonesian: Beef rendang curry Italian: Tomato, butter & onion pasta sauce Japanese: Sushi &…Continue Reading “Help, I Need Recipe Ideas”