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March Book Update

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01. NEW Janet Evanovich – Foul Play
02. NEW Simon Rich – Elliot Allagash
03. NEW Janet Evanovich – Notorious Nineteen
04. RR Janet Evanovich – Visions of Sugar Plums
05. NEW Janet Evanovich – Plum Lovin’
06. NEW Enid Blyton / Pamela Cox – Winter Term at Malory Towers
07. NEW Enid Blyton / Pamela Cox – Secrets at Malory Towers
08. NEW Enid Blyton / Pamela Cox – Goodbye Malory Towers
09. NEW Marika Cobbold – Frozen Music
10. NEW Enid Blyton / Pamela Cox – Second Form at Malory Towers

This month I mostly relived my childhood by catching up on the new Malory Towers and St Clare’s stories that Pamela Cox wrote after Enid Blyton’s death. I also finally finished Frozen Music and was thoroughly underwhelmed, unfortunately. Elliot Allagash was better than I expected and Notorious Nineteen wasn’t the best Stephanie Plum novel but certainly wasn’t the worst. I’ve got some long term ‘to be read’ books to try and get through in April as well as Alone in Berlin for book group so next month’s list should be decidedly more adult! :)

I’m still working my way through my read 1000 new books for my Life List, I started tracking those in 2011 and I’m up to 174.

Télégramme Magazine – Issue 5

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Telegramme Magazine Issue 5 Out Now!

Has it really been six months already? Issue 4 was published just before the wedding (yes, I know, I’m mad) so I guess it must be time for Issue 5 now, crikey. Featuring fantastic photos and illustrations from Agustina Lapenda, Leni Kauffman, Cassoday Harder, Emily Coghlan and Sarah Anne Wharton Kuhn this one really is a great one so I hope you’ll take a look.

This next bit might be deemed a little cheeky but my blog my rules:

Télégramme will always be a free venture. I don’t accept advertising so I make zero money and couldn’t care less, it’s all about showcasing these fantastic artists. Which is fine, money isn’t an issue and it costs very little to create. However, since I don’t accept advertising I rely on word of mouth to let people know about each new issue, which isn’t always the easiest thing to procure.

So, what I’m asking is that if you like this issue that you please considering sharing it. Tweet it (@telegrammemag), post it on Facebook (FB page here), write a blog post about it – whatever you feel like doing is a-okay by me. Many thanks in advance from this grateful redhead.

(sometimes the issuu embed doesn’t show up – if you don’t seen anything above them please refresh!)

Friday Thanks

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Dear Ice Skating,

Thanks for being a sport that I’m actually okay at. Also thanks for being one of the only things I’m better at than Q – it’s nice to be graceful for a change ;) I loved you so much I bought my own skates and they never fail to make me smile – you’re the sport that keeps on giving! Don’t ever change.



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Grace in Small Things

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  • The sound of rain falling on an umbrella
  • Big, warm, snuggly jumpers
  • Tape dispensers
  • Sending surprise post
  • Clearing out clutter

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Friday Thanks

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Dear Frozen Raspberries

Thanks for being delicious to eat straight from the freezer. Also, you’re cheaper than your fresh counterparts and are just as tasty in a smoothie. I appreciate the dedication.


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What is ‘Grace in Small Things’?

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Alternatively titled: Why do you write so many damn lists all the time?

Grace in Small Things started when Jackie started posting a list once a week. Five small things from her week that made her smile; simple really. She in turn got the idea from someone else but Jackie no longer blogs and I’ve forgotten who her original inspiration was, oops.

It was nice to see a little positive message popping up every week, and interesting to see just how small some of her items were. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’ve had battles with depression in the past – it happens to so many people and I had a lot of trouble when I was at university and after with maintaining a sense of calm, purpose and happiness. Even when things were stable or good in my life I struggled with keeping myself on an even keel emotionally, it was fairly exhausting and made me feel worse – a self perpetuated circle of shame and loathing. Fun!

I started writing my own Grace in Small Things lists to help myself focus on the good. I wanted to become less of a negative person, and starting on something small was less intimidating than pretending I was strong enough to just change my personality overnight. (Real talk: can you do that? If you can please teach me how).

I’ve written almost 300 items on my list (so far!) and I like it so much that Q and I made it into a Sunday morning routine. I make him a cup of tea and we each write down 3 small things that we found grace in that week. The best part of this whole thing for me? I now notice these things all the time. Everywhere, no matter what I’m doing there’s always something small that’s making me smile.

So! There you go. I write lists all the damn time because it helped me with my depression and it makes me a sunnier person* :)

I’d honestly recommend it to everyone – even if you don’t want to write them publicly, just write them. It really, really does help to put things in perspective and that’s never a bad thing – right?

*I cannot imagine how many of my friends are laughing their asses off at that but trust me, I was much worse before ;)

Grace in Small Things

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  • A new yellow dressing gown
  • Singing in the car
  • Cwtches
  • Rediscovering a favourite song
  • Rain hard enough to soak you to the skin

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Observations from Around the Web

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  • This Disney version of Mean Girls got uploaded in 2010 (?!) but I only saw it for the first time yesterday. Now I want to watch Mean Girls again…

  • In relation, this ‘what happens after Disney films end’ video is amazing.

  • These underwater photos by Heather Landis via the Craft Cabinet are perfect. I am itching for the house move to complete so we can cover our walls with all the amazing things I keep finding on the internets.
  • Q & I both upgraded to iPhone 5s recently (bye bye, broken lock button!) and I cannot decide which case to get. I love these two from Marc Johns but can’t afford to drop $70 getting both, so I got neither because sometimes I am bad at making decisions. But aren’t they great?

Send me more fun, distracty things please, people. It’s a been a bit of a sad week and I could use some cheering up.

Friday Thanks

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Dear Amazon,

Thank you for creating the Kindle. It’s by far and away the best Christmas present I ever received and I can’t imagine what I would have begged for so much if it hadn’t existed. Thanks also for publishing so many free books. If I had to pay for every single book I read I’d be constantly hungry because all my money would go on books so thanks for letting me afford lunch.



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5 Lovely Things From EmDashPaperCo

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It’s no secret that I love Etsy. The variety of products is so diverse, and I find the sellers (for the most part) are friendlier and more willing to help than those on eBay. So, since I love Etsy so much I thought I’d do a series of features on some of my favourite sellers :) First up: Emily with EmDashPaperCo! :)

It was hard to narrow it down to five, so if you like these make sure you check out her store as she has a great range of cards, stationery, notebooks and stamps. Also, Emily has graciously offered Falling Foward readers a 10% discount code, valid for 30 days from today. Just enter SARAHMIA10 at the checkout with a link to this post. Thanks Emily! :)


You Are My Sunshine - EmDashPaperCo

You Are My Sunshine Notecard – EmDashPaperCo – £3.40

Ideas Notebook – EmDashPaperCo – £13.61

Set of 5 Travel Postcards – EmDashPaperCo – £5.72

Indifferent Winter Card – EmDashPaperCo – £2.55

Hello, Love Stationery Set – EmDashPaperCo – £6.81

The voucher code is valid until 13th April 2013 so make sure you use it quickly! :)

PS. This isn’t a sponsored post, I just really like the store :)