It’s no secret that I love Etsy. The variety of products is so diverse, and I find the sellers (for the most part) are friendlier and more willing to help than those on eBay. So, since I love Etsy so much I thought I’d do a series of features on some of my favourite sellers 🙂 First up: Emily with EmDashPaperCo! 🙂 It was hard to narrow it down to five, so if you like these make sure you check out her store as she has…Continue Reading “5 Lovely Things From EmDashPaperCo”

1. This video, because duh. It’s a dancing pony. (Related: ponies in CARDIGANS) 2. & then my mum for saying this: 3. This is 40 – the sort of sequel to Knocked Up. I honestly haven’t laughed this much in the cinema for a while and it was sorely needed. A definitely watch 🙂 4. What It’s Like To Be Single As Told By Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, And Rebel Wilson – animated gifs FTW. 5. This photo taken at Amy’s flamingo party, because it clearly highlights what a midget I…Continue Reading “Things That Have Made Me Laugh Recently”

01. NEW Jon McGregor– Even the Dogs 02. NEW Janet Evanovich – Plum Lucky 03. NEW Enid Blyton / Pamela Cox – New Term at Malory Towers 04. NEW Enid Blyton / Pamela Cox – Summer Term at Malory Towers 05. NEW Enid Blyton / Pamela Cox – Fun and Games at Malory Towers 06. RR Enid Blyton – Summer Term at St Clare’s 07. RR David Levithan – The Lover’s Dictionary 08. RR Stephen King – Under the Dome I only read eight books…Continue Reading “February Book Update”

Dear apple crumble, Thanks for being a dessert that I can actually make without wheat and dairy. I’ve tried a few other recipes that ended in disappointment but you just ended with tasty, tasty crunch. Thanks for being willing to adapt for me, I appreciate the effort. Love Sarah See other Friday Thanks here (or here) or visit the original inspiration for the project here.

Dear #TeamMASH, Thank you for being the type of girls I always wished I was friends with when I was younger. You are smart, kind, creative and best of all – fucking hilarious on a daily basis. I love you guys like family and I’m thankful for that every day. You all rock! Amy, Sarah, Hayley – you are my people. Thanks for giving me a place on the best team on earth and for letting me be the M to your MASH. Love Sarah See…Continue Reading “Friday Thanks”

I feel like this blog is just become an endless update of lists – oops. (I do love a list tho). Here’s what’s been going on over the past few months, in a sort of…list format? You’ll never change me, apparently. First up, the big news: we’re in the midst of buying a house. Or trying to, at least. It’s a long, mostly boring, often stressful process of which we know little about. People don’t tend to tell you the ins and outs so we’re…Continue Reading “Everything Changes”